Ryzen 1700x BSOD's and random crashes (SOLVED)

Hi everyone,
recently i purchased a new setup for my 3d rendering jobs. After installing all software and drivers (windows 10, 3ds max 2017 and corona render) i gave the system a try and started rendering a big scene. I dont recall the exact timeframe for the first crash, but it was a bsod and this was the begininng of my nightmare. Since then i ran multiple tests (prime 95 and memtest), prime 95 got me to the bsod for 1 time but i didnt get it again (i guess i didnt give enough time). I updated all drivers including bios and motherboard, and the computer spent a few visits at the computer technician, which brought it back to me with a different video card claiming that he suspects that it may be the problem, well also with this video card system crashes.
Just to try and be more clear, the crashes are not the same all the time, somethimes its BSOD sometimes its crashing to desktop and sometimes i cant know because i put it to rendrer and go to sleep, and its happening during my sleep.
I suspect it is a memory or cpu problem, something is very unstable about this system and it has so much potential and thats making me really frustrated.
I hope someone could enlighten me,
Thanks for every help!
cpu - AMD ryzen 1700x no oc
motherboard - ASUS crosshair vi
memory - kingston hyperx fury, DDR4 , 2400 , 16X4gb
video card - gigabyte gtx 1060 6gb (atm - msi gtx 970)
ssd - samsung pro 850 , 256 gb
psu - corsair 750W
windows 10

Sounds a lot like memory. Funny thing is memtest86 won’t tell you if your RAM is running stable when being hammered. So my suggestion is simply get a known, good kit that is on the mainboards list. You can try running only two sticks and dropping the speed first of course.

I just found out that even so called “designed for AMD Ryzen platform” G.Skill FlareX isn’t running stable on my system. At least not at the speeds it is rated for.

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Try disableing XFR (extended frequenzy range) in BIOS. Sometimes it causes system crashes.

Another attempt is setting the RAM to DDR4 spec (2166MHz).

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I remember checking on kingston’s website, where i found the memory is compatiblewith ryzen 1700X. Ill make sure to check the motherboard aswell.

ill give it a try as soon as i get back from work. Ill keep you updated. Thanks!

id try clocking your ram down to 2133, i had the “exact” same experience, except mine wasn’t BSOD, just random crashes and general unstability, to a point where i couldn’t complete a cinebench.
Clocked down my ram, clocked up my CPU to compensate…never been more stable.

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Disable Cool and Quiet in the BIOS and see if that makes a difference (Disables C-state control).
Another common option is setting CPU LLC to Level 3 or Level 4 and SoC voltage manually to 0.95 or 1.1V
This may increase temperatures a tiny bit from the standard Level 5.

Also what version of Memtest did you run? Was it the new V7.4 in UEFI mode?
If you’re still having issues I’d say contact AMD technical support and go over it with them. It may take a while for them to respond, but you will have a quick clue there if you perhaps got a faulty chip/mainboard or something like that.

As an aside to that, what CPU cooler do you have and what are the temps like?
I’m also assuming the PSU is new and not some old handme down from 3 years ago with a tonne of ripple.

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I’m gonna give it a try now, Thanks!

Im going to try and change memory speed 2133 and also disabling cool and quiet in bios. As for the LLc level and SoC voltage its first time that im playing with these settings, what exactly do you recommend to set?
The memtest i got from the techinician, so im not sure about the version. It came in a usb stick and booted on startup, i will make sure and this new version and check it again.
The board and the psu are brand new… the whole setup is actually brand new. As for the board, i have some weird reactions from usb plugged accesories, such as random freezing of mouse and keyboard (which doesnt happen when plugged to second computer) and relativily slow wifi connection compared to connecting the same wifi on the second computer.
Well ill just head on and change apply your advices and start rendering, ill get back when i have something new.
Thank you for your help

Oh and as for the cpu temps. The cooler is arctic freezer 13. It seems quite standard actually, and it was the best one they had (except for water cooling). But whats weird about the temperatures, is that now they changed (since comp came back from technician), it is now on 50 degrees when idle and about 62 degrees while rendering (cpu render). I remember it was lower…
Anyway i disabled c-state control and set the ram to 2166

What are your errors in Event viewer? If anything is ever acting funny, first go to is event viewer. That will give you a starting point. What are the BSOD codes when it crashes?

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Hey everyone,
I finally ran a 40 hours render on high resolution after changing memory speed to 2133 and disabling c-state on bios. After i also tried uping it back to 2400, but computer crashed twice… so i guess that the speed is the problem. Im running another render for 20 hours again now, everything seems stable.
Thank you guys for your help!