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Ryzen 1600 cooking itself

Came home today, turned my PC on and my AIO fans never came down from 100% speed.


This is at complete idle with nothing but monitor and chrome open.

Had this built since November 2017, the AIO watercooler went in a few months after that.

I’ve turned the system off, let it cool down and started it up again, but the same results. Posting this thread from it now.

CPU fan speed (pump plugged into this) in SpeedFan is reading as 0rpm, but I can’t remember if that reading has ever worked.
When I unplugged and opened the case the tube from the pump to the radiator was very hot, which sort of leads me to believe the pump is working fine and that the CPU is just putting out a lot of heat.

Out of ideas and don’t have stuff with me for pulling the AIO off and reapplying thermal paste.

Any thoughts/ideas? Is my 1600 just giving up? Thanks in advance.

PC Partpicker /list/2qLwTH


BIOS… :fire:
That n/a for CPU fan speed is making me think pump failure again

Looks like the pump is indeed dead, the tube could just be hot from the water temp equalizing.

If you’ve got the air cooler just slap that bad boy on to make sure its not the cpu.


Looks like the AIO pump is dead. The tubes should never be too hot because, if they are, it means that the coolant temperature is too high.


Unfortunately everything not in the machine is at my parents house a couple of hours away, so I’ll have to have everything posted to me.
Thanks for your help

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Guess I get to see how good deepcools warranty is then. Thanks

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I hope it’s going to serve you well enough. Also, just to make sure, you can hold your hear near the pump or feel the vibration placing a finger on it. If nothing is spinning I guess you won’t feel any vibration or movement inside the CPU block.

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Let me chastise you for not setting a shut off temp in bios. I would of set it up to shut down 65 to 70 C.