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Ryan's pussies need a raw diet!


Yep. Ours had giardia several times. They’ve now basically developed immunity to it, but at the time, the male had giardia which caused colitis and that’s what was misdiagnosed.

It can, that’s why it’s important to find a good supplier. The place we go to uses FDA approved human-grade meet. They are their own supplier, basically and the quality is controlled very tightly. We could take the meet they sell, cook it and eat it ourselves.

They don’t sell much in the way of fish/sea products.

This is a typical response from folks who haven’t properly researched raw diets for pets (cats & dogs). Dogs are selectively bred wolves. They should eat what wolves eat - raw meat/bone. Like RIotvan mentioned, if you cook the meat, the bone in it will become dangerous for the animal to consume and the meet will loose some of it’s nutritional value. Wolves don’t eat cooked meet. They eat it raw, from the animal they just killed.

Also as mentioned, bacteria and parasites are practically a non-issue if you buy from a quality, reputable supplier. You buy the meet frozen and you keep it frozen until the day prior to consumption (thaw it in the fridge). The risk of contracting bad bacteria or parasites is extremely low. They’re more likely to pick something up out on a walk in the park etc.

Humans don’t eat raw meet because out digestive systems are not meant for that. We aren’t wolves. :wink:

Most raw pet food suppliers use FDA approved human-grade meets. If they don’t, then you shouldn’t buy from them. It’s the owner’s responsibility to ensure the food they give their pet is safe.

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Somehow, “human-grade” meat sounds like a rare delicacy of meat that tastes as good as human meat :wink:

You cannot directly compare good diets between humans, dogs and cats:

Humans and dogs are omnivorous, meaning we and they can process plant- and animal-based food but if they have the choice, dogs are mostly carnivorous.

Cats however are strictly carnivorous, meaning their digestive system is designed (by evolution) to get everything their bodies need out of eating prey animals.

This makes it really bad that commercial cat food contains (mostly) plant-based ingredients.

The strictly carnivorous body is also the reason why cat bites are more likely to get infected since their saliva contains proteases that break down protein as a first step of processing the food. These proteases make it more difficult for your immune system to fight off “intruders” in an open wound properly which is logically required for the healing process.

Of course, you should always clean and desinfect animal bites, but be especially careful with cat bites (or if they scratch you during playtime and then switch over to licking you).

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I dont think a cat has ever bitten me. We had a cat that got hit by a car 2 times and lived…You could rub its belly and it would rip you to pieces a second later with its claws.

Im more a dog guy now Im an adult.

P.S rot in hell “Socks”



Mentioning that, did you research common bacteria in raw meat ?

This feels the same as talking to a linux zealot :smiley:



I like both dogs and cats about equally but I couln’t properly take care of a “proper dog” (for me personally that’s a breed that is as close to its wolf ancestor as possible) so I only have owning experience with cats.

Where I live there are many people that shouldn’t own dogs since they lack the time (or interest) to properly take care of them which in my opinion includes proper behavior training. They mostly seem to get the animal as a fashion accessory :frowning:

They then walk their dogs while staring at their mobile phones and the dogs just pee and poop anywhere :frowning:

On the other side many cat owners seem to not be able to differentiate between play time with toys that can handle being clawed at and bitten and petting time with bare hands.

Or they tend to pet the cats into an “over-stimulated” state where they kind of act mostly upon reflexes and the owner gets superficial “love bites” that are then being licked by the cat (if they really broke skin that’s quite risky from a health perspective!).



Have you researched raw meat diets and how if the meat is handled appropriately, this is pretty much a non-issue? You wouldn’t be so concerned if you have.

Lol, ok.

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Kibble nearly killed one of my dogs. Shut her kidneys down due to a nutritional imbalance.

We now feed the dogs canned carrots and peas, with chicken breasts and rice, all cooked in a rice cooker. We chop the chicken breast up in a food processor.

They seem to love it. Occasionally we’ll replace the water in the rice with beef or chicken broth.




give meat to pussy pls, thx.