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Ryan's pussies need a raw diet!



I hope I’m posting in the right sub-forum, I just finished this week’s news episodes and Ryan mentioned multiple times that one of his cats has/had serious trouble pooping.

Cats cannot handle vegetable food as well as dogs (just because something like carrots isn’t directly poisonous doesn’t mean cats should eat it).

Sadly, store-bought cat food (dry and wet) contains many stuff to boost its “caloric value” per serving, but isn’t really sourced from animals.

This means that their digestive system isn’t able to break down especially dry food completely and properly poop it out.

This leads to “sediments” on the colon’s surface that inhibit nutrient absorption when the food is passing through.

This slows down the colon’s motility which can lead to painful constipation. Additionally even when then feeding “good” cat food, its nutrients cannot be processed optimally.

As an elitist EU-Normie I don’t know about the US but even our “premium” pet food is mostly garbage quality-wise, with only a low percentage actually being animal protein.

For cost savings I recommend getting whole chckens, maybe remove the beak and claws, channel one’s built-up inner aggression into a cleaver and mince the chicken - bones, heart, kidneys and liver can all remain since they contain essential nutrients for cats.

Alternatively you can dump the chicken/parts into a meat grinder and make little pads (one per serving per cat) that can be stored individually in a freezer.

Then slowly unfreeze them over night in a regular fridge, put them in a little metal bowl and pour a little boiling water over the chicken meat pad. Since the pads came out of the fridge the boiling water will cool down very quickly and you get a pleasant “chicken soupy” scent that cats also enjoy since cats choose their food primarily not by taste but by scent.

I don’t mind doing this work for pets since I know that they’ll propably live healthier which itself saves cost by cutting vet bills.

The homemade cat food (even when using organic chicken, at least in Germany/Munich where the prices are a little above national average) is even cost competitive (price per gram) with store-bought canned wet food.

So you don’t need to be a “cat hipster” to give them raw food :wink:

aBavarian Normie-Pleb



feed my dogs raw and they’re healthy

you’re overthinking it though, you can just give them raw meat and the occasional organs as supplement. why would you go to the effort of making slurry

it’s that vegetarian pet stuff i cant abide



Ryan should just buy frozen day old chickens and begin thawing them in the fridge the day before and give them to the cats whole, tho probably should start with smaller slices of chicken initially

My cat fucking loves chicken time, we can’t finish the word chicken in the house before the cat is outside sitting in the spot where we feed him chicken (luckily english isn’t my native language so we only use the english word for feeding time)



Raw is THE way to go for cats and dogs. We switched our dogs (1.5 y-o pit mixes) over to raw a few months ago and it’s honestly one of the best choices we could have made for them.

They now drink less than 1/4 the amount of water they used to drink on a “quality” kibble (most, if not, all, kibble is shit, btw). Their poops are now half the size or smaller as well, and we’re not calling the vet every other week for random/digestive issues anymore. They are simply thriving and healthy. The difference is quite profound.



Feeding animals what they are supposed to eat is always the way to go :slight_smile:



I’ve fed my dog raw since he was 8 weeks old. I buy ground up meat that comes in rolls which also include organs and ground up bone.

He is super healthy and always gets compliments on his coat. Feeding raw has great benefits for the coat since hairs are made out of protein. So that means less shedding, smell and a nice shiny coat.

Also zero farts.



One problem is that idustrially manufactured “cat food” contains many vegetable ingredients since they are cheaper to source.

As an unsuspecting customer you don’t immediately come to the conclusion that you feed your cat vegetables when you purchase “cat food with chicken”* (*in Germany less than 10 % actual chicken (et al.) has to be in the container to be allowed to advertize “with chicken”).

I like the “make frozen pads” way since I try to make each serving the same size/weight so to never overfeed a cat and be able to check how much exactly is actually eaten.



This! Oh man, our dog’s used to clear the room, all day, every day and I’m talking audible, floor-shaking farts.

Now? We might hear one or two small toots per week, and they aren’t like rancid stench anymore. lol

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Haha i can imagine. I knew my dog would be big(he’s 40kg) so that of course increases fart power level. When i read raw would reduce farts too i was sold.

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The cats are on a carb-free food now. I can’t believe i’m spending north of $100/month on cat food but I guess if it makes them poop again…



Buying food from a vet is usually a scam. Not sure how it’s over in the US but over here(Holland) vets get a short nutritional course from pet food manufacturers. It’s all rigged, if you do some research you can get better food for less.



Happy to hear proper pooping being restored.

The mentioned USD 100 per month should be enough to feed both pussies raw homemade food. Think about it as an investment into the future, satisfied pussies cause less stress for you and petting happy pussies is also good for your blood pressure which in turn is good for your kidneys :wink:


Yeah, everywhere where money can be made, money will be made, mostly by lack of knowledge on the consumer’s side :frowning:

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Yeah the sad thing is vets are often misinformed as well and they in turn misinform consumers.

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It’s the same here in Canada. It’s really sad and somewhat infuriating.

Our dogs had digestive issues from day one. The male almost died due to our previous vet’s misdiagnosis and cost us a lot of money to save him. Long story short; we changed vets after that, but still they had digestive issues. Once we switched to raw, all those problems vanished.

The vet we go to now is really good, but when it comes to food, he recommends the garbage they sell and I know it’s because that’s what vets have been educated on. We haven’t told him yet that we feed raw because we know if they do happen to get sick and he asks, he will blame the raw diet. We are planning to tell him, but not until they’ve been totally healthy for over a year. :wink:

But you’d think of all people, vets would be the ones to know that raw is so much better for them. Then again, if pets aren’t getting sick anymore, we won’t need to go to them as often… hmmm…

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Of course, the quality of raw food can also vary extremely.

Some parasites in fish can survive industrial flash-freezing; additionally “wild sea fish” like salmon accumulate heavy metals due to the global polution of the seas through their food chain.

And heavy metals are pretty tough on kidneys, which is an area almost all elderly cats have issues at some point of their (later) lifes.

I have a rule that I only feed parts of animals which I’d also use for the sourcing of my own meal.



Glad your pooch survived that ordeal. Had some problems with mine as well when he was a pup(Giardia). Raw really helped him get back on top quickly.

Getting a good vet can be tricky… Mine is ok with raw food, or at least they gave up trying to convince me haha. Great vet otherwise though but i rarely have to go there.

Well i guess there might be malice among some vets when it comes to petfood but i think mostly they just want to help animals and they’re just misinformed. Which is a shame but what can you do?



Or maybe they know there are bacteria diseases in raw meat. That’s why we humans don’t eat raw meat. But hey what do vets know they are misinformed.



The information i got about nutritional education came from actual vets who now promote raw. Also once dogs start eating raw the ph of the stomach acid is pretty much equal to hydrochloric acid. There is not much that will survive that and this irrational fear of bacteria is why we have resistant bacteria and weak immune systems.

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Sure, hope you know that humans pH does match hydrochloric acid too.
I mean we still get ill from those diseases …

Not that irrational if people are getting sick is it ?
Look I am not here to tell you how to feed your pets, I just want to make sure that readers of this topic know that there could be diseases in raw meat and the way to remove them is to cook the meat.

I won’t stop anyone to feed his pet with meat just hope people cook it first.



Yes i am aware the same thing happens with humans. And there are way more factors why people are getting sick then just bacteria but i won’t go into that, we’re talking about pets here.

But cooking meat for your pet? I don’t think it’s necessary, buy it prefrozen from a reputable brand. Do not cook meat if there is any bone in there, it will splinter and cause serious problems. Most parasites should not survive the freezing process and if they do the stomach acid will take care of it.

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