RX580 BIOS problem

Hi, I have an XFX RX480 GTR BE, tried to flash like 10 580 bios, the fawkes one too, but all gave me the same problem, mini freezes and sometimes blue screens after opening something. I really don’t know if is a problem related to the GPU or something in my PC. Any suggestion?

With +50% in wattman I can achieve a 1440mhz stable core clock.

Specs: XFX RX480 GTR BE, FX8320 4,5ghz, Asus M5A97 EVO R2.0, 4x4gb 1333mhz, XFX 750w XTR.

I’m running windows 10 before the april build.

Does it only have issues when overclocked or even on stock settings?

Only with custom bios, with OC (1440 stable +50%) or stock is fine. Should I try again but with atikmdag patcher too?

I mean it sounds like the non-stock BIOS isn’t stable on your card. I have had this issue on my Vega 56 as well, and had to settle on the 64 air even though it’s in a custom loop. I probably flashed it 15 times with 10 different BIOS’ during my testing.

After seeing the other thread, you’re flashing a 580 BIOS right? Some 480 cards just won’t do it.

Idk man, I’ll try with the patcher, if that doesn’t work nothing will.

Tried again, same result. I took a screen of hwinfo, voltage kinda same as +50% oc, other stuff idk. dsg

What software did you use to flash the bios and where did you get the bios files?

Why are you trying to flash a 580 bios to a 480?

I mean, I understand the idea, but why? Have you verified the compatibility?

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