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Being poor, underpaid, unappreciated and married is starting to suck allot less:)


I'm waiting for the RX 480 to replace my Ultimate HD 7750. Hopefully Sapphire or other board partners make another fanless version for this, or at least a 0db mode where fans stop spinning.

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the 470 is replacing the 380

the 460 is replacing the 370

If only the after market cards and all that stuff came out sooner so I wasn't tempted to buy a Fury X, probably woulda just grab a 460 otherwise

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Hmm, the RX 470 isn't quite as powerful as some hyped it up to be, makes sense, still looks like a great card for the buck. The RX 460 did a bit better than expected, but still, not very adequate compared to the 470 from a price/performance standpoint. Why is the memory speed slower on the 470 than 460? Not very convincing.

Looks like the RX 470 is just above an R9 380X really. At least we will see real time benchmarks soon.

im waiting for this ....

If it was any more powerful it would be a 480. It fills the gap rather nicely.

I might get a 470 instead this year and upgrade to a 4k setup in a year or two since I only have a 1080p monitor now.

I can't wait for aftermarket 470's but when will those come?
All this waiting is killing me.

Passively cooled RX 460 will be an amazing card for HTPC. Sapphire, I'm looking at you.

Why not just pay a bit more and go straight for the 480 over the 470? Hell, might as well get a 1080 and be done with it. The reality is that there are going to be people at every level who can't afford any more than a certain amount. That is why there are offerings in specific price brackets. Usually something around $100, $150, $200, $250, $300-350, $400-450, $500-550, $600-650 and then the Titan line. The point is to not leave anyone sitting there thinking "I would totally buy a gpu from nVidia/AMD, but they don't have one at X amount, so I will just have to go with the competition." And the 460 isn't supposed to be a compelling product when compared with the 470. It is a very specific product for a very specific market. People with nearly no money for a gpu or people who play the more casual games, hence them marketing it as a moba card or whatever. It is meant to be low power and get the job done. It isn't meant to play Crysis or Witcher. The 460 might not be compelling from a price to performance stand point compared to the rest of the line up, but for those who don't play anything more intensive than Overwatch, they don't need it. It is fast enough to compel people to move away from integrated graphics, but not fast enough to threaten their higher tier products. For the $100 bracket, it makes a lot of sense.

A 470 won't be doing AAA at 4K

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Not a good comparison, not everyone can go out and buy a 1080 without saving up, comparing a ~$150 to $230 GPU and $230 to $600+ GPU, really. I am just saying the RX 460 is less appealing when even a 2-way CF RX 460 costs nearly the same as a single RX 480, uses as much or barely less power, but get's outperformed by a single RX 470. I am just mentioning how bad this GPU is for the money compared to other offerings. I mean, the RX 470's TDP isn't unreasonably high for anything other than laptops, and even then, if companies can stuff a GTX 980 in a laptop with a 165 TDP, then they can stuff an RX 470 as an RX M490 or RX M485 (since the RX 460 is like an RX M480 with a couple less CU's). I never expected the RX 460 to be the best price/performance card, I knew they had to cut corners for low power consumption, but they had to cut this much, the card is less than half of one step up.

If NVidia gave a crap about the low end cards, they could easily undercut the RX 460 and still be as power efficient. The performance gap is simply too large to make the RX 460 a compelling choice, they are basically relying on consumer's stupidity and ignorance when they cater this card to eSports and Mobas or older games, cause apparently Integrated graphics can't? I play a lot of older and less demanding games just fine on Intel HD 4400, may wanna step it up a bit for bigger titles. If the TDP was like 40-50W I'd be a lot more impressed, but it's around 75W, and this also raises concern, may have the same issue the RX 480 had with power delivery. I am just saying, they could have at least balanced out the cards a bit, between these 3, it makes the RX 470 look overpowered for the price. Why would I squeeze a bit more performance for $50+ more, or lose over 50% performance for $50 less.

If I named these cards for what they are, they would be:
RX 480 = RX 470X
RX 470 = RX 470
RX 460 = RX 450

My conclusion is that the RX 470 sounds like the only one out of the 3 worth getting, and based on these numbers so far, that hasn't changed. Power gap between 470 and 480 is tiny, 470 and 460 is ridiculously big, not to mention the 480 get's beat by the GTX 1060, although, lack of SLI support suxs.

If you want to notify them they do have a REP on the forums @VaporX

If the cards really are as power sippy as they say, I don't see why we can't have a single-slot 460.

Bring back single-slot gaming cards.


Yeah, that's why I said that maybe I'll get a 470 this year since I only have a 1080p monitor. When I upgrade to a 4k I'll get a 4k capable GPU. I'm not an idiot. I don't think that a 1080p GPU that costs $150 can do 4k at playable framerates.

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Still allot of 720 monitors out there. As well as old prebuilts with iffy PSU's and APU builds.

Also after building a gaming rig your left with a old cpu+monitor whispering "build something with me" or "don't you want a second gaming rig" or "wouldn't it be nice to play CSGO while on the toilet":)

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CSGO while you go?

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Wouldn't mind that, maybe the 460 can be used for fancy stuff where low TDP and heat is key.

The stock card that they showed was a single-slot card with a tiny heatsink. That's a good sign. If someone can make a good single-slot cooler, we'll be back with one foot in the 2000s.

The 9600GT ran at sub-50°C when overclocked on a single-slot cooler. I know they were all smaller chips back then but seriously you'd think they could do something like that nowadays...


460 will be the equivalent of the R9 370-370x. Which means it can play a whole lot of titles at 1080p and 900p at highest settings and a few newer titles at medium (perhaps higher) depending on how well optimized they are. People can play GTA V with an R9 370 almost maxed out (no filters and tessellation). So basically thousands of games including AAA titles can be played on that thing. It's not a bad deal at all.