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RX VEGA 56 and RX VEGA 64: It's Finally HERE! (Unboxing Only) | Level One Techs


We are very excited to get an early look at these cards! Thanks AMD! We are currently testing RX Vega 56 and RX Vega 64!

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Amazing AMD actually sent a card


If you try overclocking that thing and its behaving kinda similarly to Fury, I highly recommend Warframe for stability because its free and more aggressive than Witcher 3, my Fury just does not crash with regular benchmarks and there is like 10% stability difference between Superposition & Warframe

Valley, 1250Mhz and its just hard to make it crash
Superposition, 1150MHz
Witcher 3, 1180Mhz <- +1Mhz takes half hours, +2Mhz some minutes
Warframe, 1175Mhz <- +1Mhz is crashing like within first few minutes, +2Mhz is about seconds

Just to save some time and kill some of that randomness


awesome box, the way it opened, wow



OK so 2 things I don’t understand about the Vega and Threadripper launches.

  1. Why is the chip just in the box, not in the acrylic like it is on Threadripper.
  2. Why didn’t L1 get a Threadripper review sample even though they are clearly known to AMD, having been at the press thing, having helped on the IOMMU side, having been thanked my AMD. What the hell is wrong with AMD’s marketing seriously. :man_facepalming:

On a sidenote: Ryan’s acting (or was it?) was pretty good this time around :stuck_out_tongue:


Did @wendell really read the manual? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I think that you should sniff it and throw it away. Anyway the box, cube etc…

It’s f*obraz*ing gorgeous!

I’m looking forward to see benchmarks/cats per second!


i really can´t wait to see how those VEGA cards are going to perform.
And also how the reference cooling design is going to perform aswell.
Because i personally really like the design of it.

Cool video and also nice packaging.

Pretty Amazing that AMD has send a review sample card to our community.


Could you check the new rasterizer thingy too?
Also GPGPU performance in various pro apps, especially in CAD/CAM/CAE.


It seems like everyone was surprised by this.

Can’t wait for benchmark results.


I can’t wait for the bench test to further validate that my purchase of a cheap NVIDIA GTX 1070 was the better buy.


I’m not surprised. Just take a moment to think about what has changed since the last time around. But anyways, very happy the team has their hands on one early this time.


Wendell was shipped a shard of a Cosmic Cube, The remnants of one that the Red Skull had…


I’m genuinely surprised that Hallock didn’t get you on the threadripper review list, given L1T community is arguably a key target demo for it.


So how loud are these suckers?
I have 2x290x and didn’t realise how loud they actually were until i put the standard coolers back on them. I ran waterblocks on them for ages, and only had the odd bit of coil whine at high FPS.

It seems the Vega 64 is slightly higher wattage, and has a nice blower fan as well. Seems to have in the order of 2.5x the processing capacity of a 290x though.


There’s a 99,9% Chance this will be in the review :wink:

My guess though: not much louder or quieter then other blower-style fans since they are all pretty much the same.


Knew fallout4 would be a weakness in review benchmarks… f*cking bethesda. toss up between bad game engine and nvidia crap

Expected a bit more from the dx12 titles though


It is priced about $20 too high. Need to be the same as reference 1080s.

Performance wise it does well in DX12 and Vulcan.

If it ends up like Fury with the drivers, it appears like a good buy. But that is a gamble.


Good news, according to german ComputerBase Review they actually support SR-IOV, not sure how far the support is though, they speak of 16 users for hardware-encoding, not sure what about graphics…


That is just saying Vega 10 has SR-IOV support and they are also saying RX Vega 64/56 are based on vega 10 it doesn’t look like they tested it but it also looks like they’re getting all there information from the previously embargoed documents so I’m hopeful.