RX 7900 XTX Double Trouble

CPU: R5 5600G
RAM: 16 GB 3600 MHz Crucial CL 18 RAM

Problem Number 1: GPU under-utilization
This is the lesser of the two problems I am encountering with my new purchase. I am playing minecraft and my computer is stuck at around 200 FPS when clearly it can do more. None of the three above listed components are stressed or hitting the limit. GPU is around 15% utilization, CPU is between 20 and 50% and RAM is only 50% utilized. I have no idea what the reason for this is but this is nowhere close to the biggest problem.

Problem Number 2: Intermittent Peripheral Lag
For whatever reason, whenever there is a load on my GPU, there seems to be a intermittent yet persistent peripheral lag. Mouse cursor would freeze, keys would miss inputs or repeat last inputs, and so much more… This problem seemed to get worse after I did my routine Furmark stress test for ~12 hours.

Troubleshooting Steps Tried:
1: Get a new 7900xtx (This is how I isolated the fact that stress tests are causing this) also note: my old 1070 also had the input freeze problem and yet my older RX 480 (4GB) and Ryzen IGPU had neither of these problems.

2: DDUing my GPU drivers. (I have done this multiple times all cards having this issue, my GTX 1070, my first and second RX 7900XTX)

3: Updating my BIOS

Please I want these problems out of my life, it is seriously annoying not only to gaming but also my browser experience.

Edit 1: The intermittent Peripheral Lag is probably caused by lack of RAM…
I have a stupid habit of keeping an inordinate amount of tabs open in Firefox, the specific instance of modded minecraft is sustaining the ram usage above 15 GB, that is what caused the sustained intermittent peripheral lag. The lag also significantly lessens when I play in fullscreen.

This however does not explain the peripheral lag I get while only a browser is open, so the problem persists.

Edit 2: There is also now a crashing issue that occurs when I try to open the game, the blue screen error codes are not always the same, will keep testing once I have time next week. Does anyone have a good suggestion for a real game-like load to put on my GPU that isn’t furmark? I want to redo my stress tests.

What is the refresh rate of your monitor?


That could be an issue with your PSU, what do you own?

Super Flower Leadex V5 Platinum Pro 1000W

Super Flower tend to be good, they make PSUs for many better known brands. Makes the PSU less likely an issue, but the symptoms you describe are similar to when I undervolt my GPU slightly too far. (and I have the exact same GPU as you)

I am having this issue from stock performance
I did try to undervolt using the auto undervolter

Another thing I tried is raising power limits
Feel the burn 1000W PSU

Was just about to suggest trying out those things to see if the symptoms changed.

Resizable BAR enabled in the BIOS?

ReBAR actually stopped being enabled after one of the BSODs described in Edit 2. I had to DDU and reinstall to get it back.

I’d run memtest and something to test the stability of your CPU then.

I think we can rule out it being your GPU, and if the symptoms are connected to the GPU that means it’s probably the CPU or RAM that is effecting your GPU.

interesting… I was thinking of an 5800X3D upgrade… I might have a reason after all

RAM upgrade was also pretty interesting because I was hitting my RAM limit.

Test first, though, the 5800X3D is crazy good.

I have ran memtest in linux before, after I miserably failed trying to overclock my RAM. (It is currently running at XMP speeds) Is there any other software that I can run that isn’t memtest86?

I believe I ran Memtest on 10 GB of my RAM at a time, I have a 2x8 config.

Why not just all of it? And then if it crashed, one stick at a time?

I will probably run memtest86 then, that can actually test all of my ram.

Good luck!

Sorry for my late response, I finally have ran the tests and have results

Processing drama is mostly single threaded operation Minecraft uses maybe2 or 3 threads, you can disable smt to see if that helps

But since you’re getting more frame than your monitor can spit out I’d say enable vsync

The peripheral lag is still ongoing, I even tried in a singleplayer world. Also RAM is only 70% utilized so it isn’t a RAM issue either.