RX 590 freezing in windows 10 games

Hi guys got some problems her with an RX 590 Saphire nitro + on a clean install of windows 10 pro :
CPU ryzen 5 3600
Mobo MSI B450M Gaming + BIOS updated
RAM 16gb 3000
PSU : Cooler Master 750W

Radeon adrenalin latest verison is installed and its hooked via hdmi to a msi optix 144hz

During gaming the image freezes without any apparent reasons the clock and power draw just drop for 2/5 seconds and thenback to normal. Then temps are fine both for the cpu and gpu.
It’s my wife gaming rig and I haven’t use windows for years, so I’m at a loss here any ideas will be more than welcome

Could be related to Windows outputting 59Hz when the display expects 144. To check this: (rightclick on desktop > Display settings > Advanced display settings)

Thanks for the answer but no the refresh rate in the settings is 144Hz sadly lol

Have you checked for spikes in pagefile usages?

i had a similar problem on my windows gamer, i had to increase my pagefile size, since Windows set it waaay to low!

No I did not I will check that out asap thanks for the tip I keep you in the loop

To add to my answer, does the PC freeze up completely?

If no, does wattman crash when this happens?

No the pc does not freeze completely the game sound and the mouse continue to work properly just the image and wattman works and generaly indicate a drop to 0 fps a drop in power draw and in gpu fan speed

That sounds a awful lot like a cache\pagefile or ram issue, what speed, voltage and timings is the ram currently running at, and what is it rated for?

EDIT: sadly, it can also be a faulty GPU, but lets rule out the other factors first! there has been alot of DOA 590`s

corsair 3000 cl16 it’s running at rated speed.
Just tried to be sure when the freeze happens if I press the super key I can access the windows task bar but the rest of the screen stay frozen on the game.

I thought about the DOA 590 but I tried with my old 570 and got the same results.

I’m in the south emisphere (new Caledonia) so it’s time for me to go to work haaa Monday mornings lol so I’ll be back here in about 8 hours I’ll check the pagefiles size then and get back to you. Thanks a lot for the help.

Sure thing! good job checking all that stuff out, perfect troubleshooting!

good, the pagefile issue makes the whole system hang for a couple of seconds, atleast it did for me, might also be worth it to try to lowering the ram speed to 2666, see if that might be the problem!

ok, have a good day at work!

Now that you say that. A friend of mine used to have a problem where is RAM was full on boot. 16GB RAM do not go anywhere by themself. A quick check with ProcessExplorer revealed lots of dead applications beeing loaded on startup.

@Kla3 @MazeFrame Hi guys I did what you suggested + a ddu on the amd drivers and I’m still getting micro freezes I really don’t know what to do I ran Uningin Heaven for an 1h and it ran without any hiccups but every time my wife try to game they come back.

Hmm, could you check the cpu speed and temp while this hickups appear? Like having hwinfo running over the game, and see if the clocks go down

What is your power profile set on ?

the cpu runs a bit hot 75C because I’m using the stock cooler for now but the clock doesn’t fall significantly or even at all but I did have OCCT recording errors during cpu stress test

I tried the three default power profiles and nothing changes

So no Ryzen power profile ?

no should maybe download and try medling with ryzenmaster?