RX 580 constantly dropping signal in DP connection

…but not through DVI and HDMI. This a constant problem, and the latest driver makes it unsuable now. My screen constantly goes in and out of power saving (standby mode). POFS My solution before was to switch the connection on the card between DP 1 and DP 2, but that no longer works with the new driver. It’s just constantly going in and out of power saving mode, I currently relying on my non Freesync monitor that uses DVI.

GPU XFX GTS Black Edition RX 580 8GB OC+
Monitor Nixeus NX-VUE24B

Bad cable.

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Already changed cable.

What’s the spec of the cable?

Also, what OS?

Uninstall the HDMI/DP Audio drivers. Actually, do a clean install and don’t install it in the first place.

I had this same issue. Except it would display a blue screen (NOT A BSOD)

I could still remote into the machine and it was working fine, but the graphics output to the monitor were shot.

If the driver made the dp cable unuseable that should tell you that it’s driver related. Unless you messed with undervolting or something similar, that could also be the issue. Try defaults and or rollback to an older driver or a newer beta driver if there is one. Also make sure chipset drivers are installed

@DeusQain and @Bruger Ok, I’ll look into it, thanks.

i’ve also had problems with my vive after a driver update with my RX480 GTR (exactly the same as your 580).
It used to always work with Displayport but after the driver update i could not get it to work.
Tried everything.
Eventually i bought an active DP-HDMI adapter for the vive and connected my vive via HDMI.

Yup, definitely driver issue. I uninstalled with DDU and unchecked HDMI audio on the fresh install, but that didn’t help. I switched back to an older driver.