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RX 570 & RX 580 Passthrough with Linux VM



I’m attempting to passthrough an AMD Polaris 20 GPU (Sapphire Puls RX 570 or Niro+ RX 580) under Linux to VMs.

System Xeon E5 1620 V3 + C612 Board + Nvidia 750Ti + one AMD Polaris 20 GPU, QEMU+KVM + two Screens, one DP, one HDMI.

  • Fedora 30 Host, Windows 10 VM easy going: AMD Polaris in Windows 10 VM success.
  • Ubuntu 19.04 Host, Windows VM 10+Nvidia 750Ti success. (easy going:)
  • Fedora 30 Host + Fedora Guest + Nvidia 750Ti success
  • Ubuntu 16.04 Host + Ubuntu VM + Nvidia 750Ti success

Passthrough an AMD Polaris 20 to Non-Windows VM 10 little success.

Only Ubuntu VM+AMD Polaris 20 in “graphical rescue mode” with 800x600 :frowning:

Usually: After the TianoCore Info in 800x600 Screen Resolution (or Native Screen) appears a static Courser on Black Screen with “light binking” (= switching von Console Mode in GUI Mode).
Shutting down a VM, the TianoCore Info appears and then VM off, Screen off.

Any suggestions what to do?

Best regards Florian