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RX 570 doesn't even hit spec sheet clock speed


I recently got a Gigabyte RX 570 and I’ve noticed that despite the specs sheet saying it’s GPU Clock goes to 1244Mhz in gaming mode and 1255 Mhz in OC mode it only gets up to ~1090Mhz when the power limit is at +0 and will only go to 1209 Mhz Overclocked with the power limit around +35 or higher, the memory can hit 7472 Mhz effective speed (so really divide by 4 I hear), but this is a little silly, I’m getting max temps of 73 C and it’s not even hitting the speed on the box. Any idea what the problem is or how I could fix this or did I just really lose the silicon lottery hard.

The rest of my system:
Ryzen 5 1600 @ 3.7Ghz
16GB of 2933Mhz RAM
Case: Phantom 410

edit: It’s late, I’m going to bed, I’ll read responses in the morning. Thank you for any and all help.


Barring some odd software/driver problem it should hit those advertised speeds, unless there is a asterisk* next to them. I imagine if they are being advertised and sold as such they are binned to that level.

So maybe contact gigabyte?


It’s possible that the modes mentioned are specific features of their own tweaking software. Try downloading it, or just stick to tweaking through WattMan.


I was using their own software, it’s basically afterburner with a different skin and a few user friendly presets


is there a switch on the gpu? could be it is running with the low power bios

and if there isn’t a switch on the gpu I would RMA it as defective


there’s a fan stop button but that turns off under load anyways


Open case and RMA it.

Even my blower reference 480 hit higher than base clock regularly without messing with power limit.


Think I could just return it to amazon? I’m not to thrilled with the purchase decision anyways especially since i’m probably not getting as much as I wanted for my GTX 960 4GB as i’d like since everyone is selling their parts cheap right now and I can probably hold out another year for navi.