RX 480 PCIE Power Draw

I ordered a RX 480 from newegg on launchday. Today, I ran into a reddit post describing how RX480's power-draw from the PCIE bus is in violation of the PCIE specification.

Should I be concerned?

My original intention was to purchase another card for cross-fire in the future.

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No you shouldn't be concerned, after not even an hour of research I was able to conlcude it's just a bunch of special children that think they know something. For example Nvidia has a version of the 750 ti without a pcie power connector and it draws 100w+, never hear any stories about motherboards blowing up from that.


Don't believe everything you read on the internet


first it was 2 out of 20 reviewers who tested it, who had the issue.

Second, it was blown up by people who went "I'm an active shit poster on reddit, and I built a computer, so naturally I know EVERYTHING about computer hardware, electronics and specs I heard about 10 minutes ago"

and even IF its an issue, it seems a bios update (motherboard or GPU) will fix it.

so relax and enjoy your GPU

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Read the other side of the debate, its easy to give into fear mongering. In that very same reddit thread:

Same thing happened to the GTX 960
& the 6990
Where are all the fried motherboards?
Also actual PCI-e spec

Source -
http://composter.com.ua/documents/PCI_Express_Base_Specification_Revision_3.0.pdf https://www.reddit.com/r/Amd/comments/4ql225/rx_480_pcb_analysis_very_advanced_vrm_system_for/d4twr1w
Above might not be correct according to https://www.reddit.com/r/Amd/comments/4qfwd4/rx480_fails_pcie_specification/d4u66qm?context=3
If anyone has the PCI-e Spec 2.0 pdf, I'd like to take a look.
edit: forgot to link original reddit's comment listing the PCI-e spec pdf
edit2: link to counterpoint.
Opinion: Seems like this is being blown way out of proportion. Do some research and listen to both sides of the story before you trust some hyperbole from someone who is on a huge smear campaign.

Here's another from the same thread. Too long so took a screenshot of it.


Yes. There were a quite a few accusations being thrown around on reddit and I figured it would be better to ask the same question here.

Anyways, good to know. I am glad I asked.

Here's another counter arguement:

If you could even overclock the RX 480 by 33%, I would wet my pants.

Edit: Damn, I misread the comment, he meant a 33.333333333333333333333333333...% Increase in power consumption.

It's fine.

Guy had issues on the FM2+ with the ancient 78 chipset. For me I would feel fine with an 88 chipset and concerned with say an MSI A68h non-V2 MB. Bottom line is if you have a cheap MB don't lose the receipt:)
Would it stop me from buying one...........HECK NO!!! This thing ROCKS!!!!!!

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tomshardware never shows it going above 150w. yes if you OC you will pull more. This is exactly why Intel/amd/Nvidia don't endorse OCing. When you OC you are pushing your equipment past factory default (Safe point.) Yes you can OC but you do it with a cost.

Let's beat a dead horse.

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anyone who is rely worried about this then use one of these

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One driver update later, and all this may be gone... We shall see.. .

This issue is only affecting certain reviewer cards. the general public doesn't have this issue. Thank you nvidia


It's simple really, the driver can fix it similar to how an overclocking utility overclocks, it overrides what the bios says and tells it to draw more power from the 6 pin.

Well DUH... But everybody decided to make a big deal out of it... bigger deal than the DX12 support lacking from Nvidia, or the 3,5GB ram thing of 970, etc... And this is a thing, unlike the others, that can be solved with a simple driver update...
So easily solvable non issue is bigger issue than false advertising? OK...

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cause its AMD's F up. Nvidia cannot do wrong.

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