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RX 480 Dead or Driver issue?

Hello everyone i need your help, i have a little issue with my GPU and im not sure if its a driver issue or if its on its last legs. I include a video link, please if you have any idea of whats going on please let me know, i cannot be without a PC(i am a developer). Beside the problem in the video, sometimes Windows locks up and the GPU starts blinking(white)


CPU: AMD 1700





Link of the video:

Best regards and thank you in advance,

Edmond Roman

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If you depend on the PC, order any cheap GPU just to have it on hand.

To me the flicker looks like dead hardware.

What OS are you running? Can you lower the clockspeed on the core or memory?(can you run wattman?) How are the temps?

I have an RX480 that will not let me use drivers in Windows 10, no matter what I try but runs perfect in LInux MInt

I have not seen any of these issues on Manjaro, but he bigger issue is that im more dependent on Windows 10, because im a C# developer and the software im working on is on Windows, idle temps are in the high 40s (46-48) with no fan, and about 65 after 10 minutes running Heaven. But the flicker only happens, when i run a game or i debug(i code 3D application) and simultaneously on the other monitor watch a video( usually YouTube), but more interestingly i havent encountered the issue if the video is lower 720p60 or under. So if i only run a game or only code there is no issue, also the windows lock up and GPU blinking gives the impression that it might be a driver issue(after restart it works fine, i get the little pop up that GPU settings were reset) but i have tried all sort of drivers older, newer(since yesterday i have installed the optional driver from AMD and haven`t had a lock up yet)

Interesting behaviour.
Would try to turn off hardware acceleration in your browser.

Already tried disabling hardware acceleration did not help, but this issue is not strictly tied to youtube, it usualy appears when im on youtube because i spend more time on youtube, but i also got this issue on VLC, but i dont use VLC that often so that would not bother me :smile:

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Well, I got some good news for Edmon I don’t think his problem is a hardware issue, it is a software issue. If it was a hardware issue, I would think his ASUS ROG STRIX RX 480 8GB OC would act the same in both Windows and Linux. My way to fixing issues with Windows is either reformating the drive and reinstall Windows or buy a new drive and install Windows. With the cost of SSD cheaper than the cost of having someone else figure out what wrong, it makes more sense just to buy a new drive.

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I will try to reinstall windows tonight after work, hopefully it works, do you think that Aura or the AI Suite from Asus may be messing with something, should i skip them?

I wouldn’t know, I have had no experience with Aura or AI Suite. If reinstalling Windows doesn’t work, Edmond may want a program that will completely remove any trace AMD’s drivers. Then reinstall AMD’s drivers again. I don’t know if AMD has such a program, but I know Nividia has such a one. I just don’t remember what it is called off the top of my head.

Hello guys, so i reinstalled windows, and same thing, but then tried to disable freesync and job done, the issue disappeared at least that what it looks like, tested the same way as before and doesn’t happen, so hopefully that was the issue. Still doesn’t understand why it happened suddenly but anyway, with freesync off it works, so thank you everyone for the help, input and everything

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Glad to hear everything is OK now, I would start saving money to replace the ASUS ROG STRIX RX 480 8GB OC just in case it is going bad. I don’t know if it will but you have to remember it is a very old graphics card. If you do decide to leave Windows and start using Linux, I would consider purchasing a Nividia graphics card. The reason I am giving this advice is everything I have read about Linux and AMD graphics card, (I don’t own an AMD graphics card) how they interact with games, gives a very unpleasant experience. I am not saying AMD graphic card can’t be made to work when gaming, what I am saying is they are hard to make work right. Nividia graphics cards when setting up correctly and using the Nividia drivers (not the open-source ones) are a smoother experience. Of course, if you aren’t a gamer, my advice doesn’t apply.

i dont usually game, maybe a couple of hour a month , i use amd cards because the its a bit easier to work with when developing, doing the robot collision test on the gpu, but of course i could work also on nvidia. thank you for your input.

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