RX 480: AIB or Reference with custom cooler?

With all the stock issues and pricing going out of whack, is it better to purchase an AIB that are almost going for $300 or spend about the same (~$30) and go reference and get a custom cooler?

After watching this video and seeing the results I'm tempted to go with the latter of the two

On the other hand if pricing were to fall back to normal then AIB would be no brainer but just a thought

Thoughts guys?

I don´t like the single connector on the reference cooler.
The Sapphire Nitro version looks neat.

I purchased the card at launch, it works perfectly fine for me even with the reference cooler and the single 6-pin connector thanks to the driver updates. They get updated regularly and i always see improvements in performance after them, its more a matter of preference I think. The extra cooling may give a little headroom when considering overclocking however I feel like it will not be very beneficial if the price of the after market cooler is considerably more than the referance.

True, but I also really want to attempt this to get better with PC hardware. Plus like I mentioned before currently there would be little price difference in doing this, almost identical to AIB after purchase

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fair enough

That and I'm not gonna lie the temps this guy got beat all the AIB reviews I've seen

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was it Gamer Nexus?

No he did the hybrid cooler. This guy used the xtreme iv air cooler from arctic. His max temp was 62 C with fans @ ~40% @ 100% load

ah okay

Grab the Power Color Red Devil, if you want the best non-reference cooler. I wouldn't recommend fart arsing about with those Arctic coolers which you gotta install yourself. And i'm one of those dopey gits who couldn't wait for non-reference cards to come out, and threw an Arctic Accellero Twin Turbo II on a reference RX 480.