Rx 470 out of stock!?


Are you...KIDDING ME!? I never got the chance to grab one. The ones in stock cost the same as the RX 480.

Welcome to the world of today's gpus where they sell out as soon as they drop. Out of curiosity though, nVidia cards have been stated to be out of stock due to demand, but AMD has said nothing of that fact, even going as far as to say that they had more stock than they had in other recent launches.

Haven't seen this before though, although it might be cause I wasn't stalking the other cards like I did this one.

I wonder if those Bit Coin Miners have a lot to do with it, although it could be AMD or GloFlo's fault also. There are also price scalpers too, but NVidia also has a problem with them if you look on Amazon.

Bit coin mining isn't really much of a thing anymore due to how hard it is to mine them, the returns you get for trying with a gaming gpu aren't really worth it. But if you look at the 480s, they are pretty much all sold out except for a few selling at $350 and the 1080 is also pretty much sold out except for ones selling at way higher than msrp. I think it just has to do with these cards being the first ones on the 16/14nm process and they are having difficulties keeping up with the demand. But like I said its one thing for AMD to keep hush on not having enough supply, but to totally say that they have more supply than on previous launches and still being sold out seems weird. Maybe there really is just a TON of demand for these new chips.

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sapphire nitro is available.

Probably, the RX 400 cards aren't 3rd Degree Rebrands like the R9 380X for instance. I could see why one would share interest in the card.

Yeah, that seems to be the only one and for that price I am better off getting a reference 480 since that is literally $10 cheaper and 8 GB VRAM.

The RX480 was selling like hot cakes!
A week ago, most of the "out of stock" was still "in stock".

OMG, this post just made me think of something stupid Linus once said, I can never forget how silly it was.

"AMD saying their GPU is selling like hot cakes is bad marketing" or something like that. Nevah Forget! It was in one of their countless WAN shows, back when the R9 300 and Fury cards were new.

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I am actually shocked that anyone wants these cards. How the heck could they be sold out?

I assumed it was Bitcoin Mining since I been hearing stories about people buying 20+ cards for that. but I agree that they overpriced the card, I know last minute they changed the MSRP of the RX 470 to $170 instead of $150, but the lowest card I see is $180 with all the other cards being the same or higher than the MSRP of the 480.

These prices might just be inflated right now due to a low stock of cards

Welp, I guess I will have to wait until near the end of the year to grab one. Probably a good idea too.

End of the year? Am I missing something here? No way restocks should take that long

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I do not think it will take that long. Just wait for the first wave to be over.

Okay. Looked at some benchmarks, amazingly close to my R9 390 since it's only around $180-200 now.

Just set up a notification for when stock is available and try to grab one when you get the email.

I did that. Looks like it's worth the extra dough ($20-30), performs almost like the R9 390.

Might even be overkill for my parent's 1920x1200 Monitor.

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What has GPU mining been replaced with then? Or did mining die out?