RX 470 Linux?

I found a good deal at Microcenter on an RX 470 and I think it’ll be a good card for me. My question: is it going to be hell to use in Linux? Whatever card I get needs to have fantastic Linux support so if I’m going to have to get a bunch of proprietary drivers and do hacky stuff to even get it to work, I’ll find another card.

Should be plug and play and provide good performance without proprietary drivers on a recent kernel.


Okay. Ubuntu 16.04 qualifies as recent? Or do I need newer than that?

And would I be better served with a 1050Ti or something? I am not really loyal to either brand I just want a decent card with good multi display support and the lowest possible driver headache

You want kernel 4.9 or newer, dunno where Ubuntu’s at. NVIDIA definitely needs proprietary drivers, not too complicated to install and works fine on a stable distro, but AMD generally works painfree.

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I’m running a 580 on Fedora and it’s 100% pain free. Running 4.12 and the performance is varied, but I think that’s heavily dependant on the games, rather than the actual GPU.

Kernel 4.13.2, Mesa 17.2, LLVM 5, Git /lib/firmware



sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade -y, after adding the mesa/llvm repo.


sudo apt install git -y && git clone git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/firmware/linux-firmware.git && cd linux-firmware && sudo cp -Rf *.* /lib/firmware

That will pimp dein Auto.

HELL NAW RX cards are amazing now. Were meh on release. My 580 is great! Just need a kernel 4.10 or higher :3

When I tried the R9 390 on Fedora 26, I had some nasty screen tearing. It runs better on Ubuntu 17.04 though…

RX 470 will work well with kernel 4.11 onwards with gaming as well. Kernel 4.9 was a little troublesome gaming with the opensource driver. Fedora is great with wayland and the RX 470 though some games only support Ubuntu or DEB based systems and if they dont work the developers won’t help you.

Yeah the 390X has shit support. The RX cards are great though. Get a 580 when you can and sell your card to some bit-tard.

Yeah, problem being I will have trouble getting my hands on an RX 580 once I sell my R9 390. Luckily if I went this route I would be able to ride on the R7 360 that I have on hand. But that’s quite the risk.

Not to mention the R9 390 isn’t going to be worth as much to bitcoin miners as the RX 580, cause of the immense TDP.

Rips ass ot ltc and eth tho. I know they would want it.

Well, I will think about this, I still have a warranty on the card but meh, it’s about to expire in less than 2 months anyways.

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Or you can keep it and hope drivers get pushed. But its like my 370 was. Great card, no one gave a fuck.

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What if I went for the Vega 56 instead if I were to sell my R9 390? It’s not much more than the RX 580 if I can find a reference one for $399.

How is Linux on that card? A shame for the lack of 390 support cause when the 390 was a 290, it kicked the GTX 780’s ass.

When 4.13 drops in a few moths it’ll pcobably be great lol.

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Well, may as well either hang on 'till Navi honestly cause that’s when I did plan on replacing my GPU (well, I hope it supports SR-IOV).

Whatever my dood :U

I am using the 470 on ubuntu based distros. You need a new kernel (would suggest 4.11+) and latests stable MESA drivers but other than that it works perfectly fine.

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I would try it. Kernel 4.12 is on fedora atm and is working well. There is always the closed sourced driver as well AMDGPU-PRO