Rust VS DayZ - New Game Suggestions

So i'm looking for new stuff to play. Someone recommended Rust. It immediately reminded me of DayZ. Which is better? Rust or DayZ?

Any other recommendations in general?

Rust is full of assholes

Dayz is still buggy as hell

Try H1Z1. just ignore the paid stuff. A lot less buggy and still a pretty big open world.

Also, take a look at The Forest. Really good visuals, scary enough, and is still only like $15 on steam

holy crap... i mean, i heard about DayZ years ago, and it's still in development. Surely they just like people steadily buying the game early access. There's no way in hell they're still "working on it". I call BS.

Just get PUBG

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i'm not necessarily just looking for a DayZ style game. I just want to play something. I love SciFi, but waiting for Star Citizen is painful.

Rust isn't even fun with the amount of clans and assholes who play it.

Dirt 4 and Rising Storm 2 is all I've been playing I'd look into those.

Dayz and rust are good games for some people to sink alot of time into. If you dont like them then you need something else. What are your 5 most played games so that we may make solid recommendations of games?