Russian Facebook "VKontakte" now in hand of the goverment

Yep CCCP 2.0



Opinion please. Or it is getting too dangerous ? 

if you don't trust Vkontakte anymore,

because trusting governments probably isn't a good idea right now

just have a look at any of these social networks:



about my opinion: I would say it's a horrible idea for governments to sift through social networks and try to make lists of "bad people" because who's to decide what's bad.

Also Russia has allot of NeoNazis, and if some government functionary that sympathizes with those people, gets a hold of a list of all the gay-people, it's going to end in a bloodbath.

if Putin wants to go full blown Soviet Union again, i guess that's not all bad, at least it's going to force Europe to abandon Gas and put renewable energy reform into high gear. So "yay" for the environment.

I'm just puzzled what Putin hopes to gain from this ? can Russia afford to play cold war with China and "theWest"

How is cold war with three blocks going to be like? Is everybody going to have 2 enemies ?