Russian Case Modding

Did a bit of exploring tonight, here are some of the finds

sorry i can't post the photos since the site won't let me save or crosslink

i'm speechless.

I love the melting wax case!

These are the most beautiful things in the world

it gets more interesting... i'm blown away by how long the stuff they build lasts:

Did anyone else notice the case with the external watercooling loop that didn't cool any hardware? Still, fantastic stuff. The melting wax/rusting case was my favorite!

Jeeeeez, how much time do you think went into making those things? That's ridiculous. Just a year ago I didn't think I'd even be able to build a pc to myself. I was thinking about starting some research about case mods and water cooling loops, but holy hell these units make me feel like Im gonna draw stick figures next to artists.

here's more:

the talent that pours from that country is incredible


The one with all the valves is awesome but sheesh, that must've cost a small fortune to make