Russia will block Gmail, Facebook, skype

Russia will ban Gmail, Facebook, skype if companies don't comply.

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I think this topic should be on the forum. Also we are facing ZSRR 2.0

Maybe its not a big deal. China censoring their internet for years.

What you guys think ? 


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Putin forcing local servers actually isn't the problem, the problem is that.

Centralized services like Facebook, skype and Gmail are too vulnerable to not be exploited by governments bend on abusing their power.  Regardless if that government is Russian American or Chinese.

In the end it's not going to matter either way, people would have been migrating to decentralized systems anyway (for economical reasons: servers are expensive) . All this does is speeding up the process.

Demanding that powerful people should not abuse their power, is like putting a giant bowl of candy in front of a 5 year old,  with the instruction to only eat one.


China censoring their internet for years. = BIG DEAL ;  evil can't ever become normal.

Also can you link to an explanation for "ZSRR 2.0" that isn't in Cyrillic , preferably in English German French Spanish or Dutch, thank  you

Yup, the Cold War is raging between the US and Russia, both are oligarch controlled non-democratic large countries, both are keen to invade and attack other countries, either by conventional weapons, or by cyber-warfare. What do you expect?

CCCP 2.0: that's actually a Cyrillic acronym, but you understand it I think lol

Actually... I was thinking of the title of the current post exactly like "ZSRR 2.0".

But title must be precise.

thanks, my gosh i feel stupid now :) ,  but yeah I understand.