Running ZFS on Fedora

It looks like openZFS provides DKMS packages for Fedora: Fedora — OpenZFS documentation

I’m currently using RHEL 8 on my workstation and rely on ZFS quite significantly, but would like to give Fedora a spin, mainly for the purpose of having more up to date software. The page linked above mentioned that you may have to pin your kernel to an older version to give zfs time to catch up to Fedora’s rapid kernel release cadence. I’d like to hear from anyone who has done this exactly what is involved in doing so. Is there a way to set up some configuration to manage this in a safe and automated way?

By the way, I am not talking about zfs on root at the moment, just on home/data directories.

I’ve been running ZFS on gentoo, and I’ve noticed ocations where the stable release requires a kernel that isn’t too new. Latest stable zfs typically runs about 6 months behind mainstream kernel stable releases. (2.0.4 right now supports. 3.10 -5.11 The dev tree/ RC branches tend to follow mainstream much closer. (3.10-5.12)


Thanks for your reply. Hmm - so I guess the solution would be to prevent dnf from automatically updating the kernel, and keep an eye on zfs releases, only manually taking kernel updates once the new kernel version is supported.

Does anybody know how to do that on Fedora (e.g. give the system permission to update packages except the kernel?) Thanks.

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the way to prevent package(s) from being upgraded on a RHEL-like distribuition (dnf/yum) would be through the following command:

dnf versionlock package

Be sure you have the versionlock dnf plugin installed.

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