Running Windows program requiring: Java VM: Java SE 7 Update 21 or above - running this in Linux

Hi everyone.

How do you suggest I can run a Windows program in Linux that requires Java SE 7 or greater? Looking for complete stability and performance. A Windows VM, Wine… any other suggestions?

Java is designed to be run on any platform that has a JVM written for it.

Installing the required version of Java should be all that is required.

That said, I would recommend sticking to the LTS versions of the JRE you need to run.

For you that would be version 8.

The file extension is JNLP File (.jnlp).

Executing it in the terminal would be → javaws thefilename.jnlp

Does it need to run with sudo?

Jnlp is a different story.

It shouldn’t need sudo but worth a shot if it fails or complains.

If what you posted doesn’t work with javaws then a Windows VM to run your program would be there next easiest thing to try.

Ok that is what I thought. Appreciate it. Thanks.