Running single and sli 970 on 8350

I'm about to get a new cpu and from reading this:
threads i think that 8350 should be fine for single and even dual 970s as i'm planning to get another gpu in the future.

As i'm practically days from getting the cpu i want just a final confirmation that i'm not wasting money.
Intel is not an option because i already had to buy a mobo since my old died and i had to get one that supports both old and new cpu.
I will overclock both cpu and gpu as soon as i upgrade psu and cpu cooler.

So i guess my question and tldr is:
Generally, what can i expect from it with 970 and 970 sli?
Will the 8350 get similar fps to 4690k-4790k? I mean 0-15 difference when 70+
How big performance improvement will i get over my [email protected]

btw. I'm not playing any rts or arma games, i like to mod my bethesda games tho but now with phenom i get 70+ fps in fnv with ~130 mods

games i will play:
witcher 2 and 3
saints row 3 and 4
metro last light and 2033 redux
ets 2 with mods
fallout 3 and nv with mods
skyrim with mods
assassins creed 4
bad company 2
far cry 3 and 4
wolfenstein the new order
stalker call of pripyat with mods

Current PC specs:
Windows 7 64bit
Corsair 230t
Asus M5A99FX PRO R2.0
Corsair CX500M
Phenom II x6 1055t @3,5Ghz
CoolerMaster 212 evo
GTX 970 G1 Gaming
HyperX Fury 2x8GB 1866
Samsung 840 evo 120gb
Seagate Barracuda 500GB 7200RPM

A single 970 with a 8350 wouldnt be a bad choice for most modern and upcoming games especially if you run 1440p. Your performance in call of pripyat could be really disappointing though depending on the mods.

Currently with Phenom i can't keep my gpu busy, will the 8350 let me keep it at 80-100% usage?
Honestly what i'm asking at this point is should i even bother with vishera? I've been reading about this cpus a lot lately and some suggest that unless i upgrade to 4690k there isn't a point in upgrading at all.

If your cpu is maxing out while your gpu is not in-game, then you have yourself a little bit of a bottleneck. That said, a lot of times, in-game, neither will be maxed out. I have seen that myself, but is neither here nor there. I would say that if you are regularly maxing out your cpu while gaming, that you should think about upgrading. A 8350 would be a good choice for an upgrade, imo. It should be able to handle all of the games that you listed, especially at 1440p. The higher the resolution, the less the game will rely on the cpu. So yeah, if there is an issue, grab an 8350 and that should help you out. if not, a bigger ssd is always good.

I have a fx-8350 running at 4.6 with two 970s and the only bottleneck I've had is in guild wars 2. Other then that it's pretty good.