Running PC Without GPU

I was wondering if it would be possible to run windows 7 without a graphics card. I'm planning to build a  high end system with i5 2500k, and a gtx 680. I currently dont have the money for both the gpu and cpu so was hoping to just get the cpu and purchase the gpu later. Thank you for a possible response, and btw this is my mobo, i have literally the entire system built except the cpu and gpu.

that motherboard has built in graphics. So if all you want to run is basic computing then you will be fine

what do u mean by basic computing? like will it be able to run flash player and like browse the web and watch vids? im a bit of the scrub sorry if the question sounds stupid

Yeah it has a very very low end integrated graphics card on a 2500k. It will search the web, watch video... wont really game. Maybe like LOL on lowest settings. But as a pc it will work fine

I'm pretty the unlocked intel processors have integrated graphics (HD 4000 or whatever the chipset is called) my cousins got the same graphics chip in his dell and it runs areo fine and dandy.

Could i possibly use both the integrated CPU graphics with the Integrated Mobo Graphics and make it slightly better, i actually love LoL insanely and it would be awsome to run it on like medium instead of low.

and also do u know if overclocking the CPU would also increase the performance of the integrated graphics?

It does not

The 3rd gen Intels have the HD 4000 graphics, which are pretty damn decent as far as integrated go. So that would be the i5 3570k I believe.

The Intel HD graphics line is actually pretty decent. I played Batman: Arkham Asylum on an i3 laptop with Intel HD 3000 at 720p, and only stuttered a little at max, but detective mode made it unbearable. A quick switch to medium settings fixed that. So I'm guessing LoL will run fine. I'm playing Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2 on it currently.

I can confirm that. my i5-2450m runs tf2, dota2, and LOL just fine, even in 1080p