Running newer drivers on an old nvidia gt220

Not sure if anyone can help me here, but I picked up an old pc from work yesterday with older specs. It has as follows:

Intel i3-530 2C/4T cpu with stock fan
Asus P7H55-M motherboard
10gb ddr 3 1333 ram
Gigabyte Nvidia GT 220 gpu
Intel 530 120gb ssd
Seagate 160gb hdd

Is there any chance of modifying later nvidia drivers to run on it that the ones that are. It’s currently running 342.01 and this is apparently the last ones released for it before it was dropped from support?

No there are no newer drivers for Geforce Tesla architecture GPU’s (GT21x) nor any of the other GPU’s that where EOLd with 342.01.

Even unofficial driver mod projects like do not support it anymore.

Realistically though there is nothing more to get out of that old hardware in terms of features / performance optimization for modern games.

If you Want to get a more capable low power GPU any cheap AMD RX550/560 or a comparably priced nvidia card will do the job a lot better.

Or even a second hand GTX750 or some HD7000 gpu

Have you tried some of the lightweight Distro’s like LXLE
In my experience they really give a new lease on life for older machines.

There’s no point in running newer drivers on an older card. I’m not sweating it too on my laptop with a GT635M. You can accelerate already whatever is possible on those drivers for sure.