Running Looking-Glass host on system startup

Based on @gnif suggestion to run the host using the system account, I’ve setup a task using PSExec and am successfully able to interact with Secure Desktop prompts. Based on this I assumed that using this methodology, we can run the host on system startup such as LG will be able to pass the logon screen. Unfortunately, once I change the task to “Run whether user is logged on or not”, LG host bails out with “Trying DXGI” as the last log entry. This happens even when I’m already logged in and trying to “run” the task from the Scheduler GUI. Does Looking-Glass-Host require an active user session to communicate with DXGI? Am I doing something wrong here?

LG can not interact with the windows login screen… that simple. It requires a user account to elevate to system from, not the other way around. This is a windows designed “security feature” (Although stealing a processes SYSTEM token and elevating to the same level seems to also be legit according to microsoft… :facepalm: )

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