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Running a Windows XP VM on windows 10 home

So I’m currently running windows 10 home on my current laptop and I need to run a legacy app called easywriter from novatek to flash some firmware on an lcd controller board I own.
I’ve tried running it in compatibility mode and it won’t seem to work, keeps coming up with ‘EPrivilege’ and ‘Privileged instruction.’

So I figure the best way for me to run this app is to operate it in a windows XP virtual machine but I have absolutely no idea of what I’m doing and need help. would upgrading to windows 10 pro for hyperv be a good option?

I run various legacy OS’s under vmware on my Windows 10 Pro machines just fine.

I would think HOME would work too but you have to conifrm with the VM app you intend to use.

As for Hyperv, I can’t say as I’ve never used it.

virtualbox is my suggestion. pretty simple to get going with that.

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What is the interface between the app and the signage controller?

Hyper-V on windows desktop is rather limited, there’s not many options for direct hardware access.

VMware workstation will do it, but it’s not free.

Getting an antique laptop or desktop from eBay might be the cheapest and easiest option.

Thanks. I’ll try with using virtualbox, see if it works.

Lol, virtualbox is actually working to run the flashing software and that was the easy part. Now I’m going to have a fun time translating the easywriter and nt68676 manual from chinese into english :smiley: