Running a server on a computer with ICS

I currently have my desktop (Windows 7) in a room where Ethernet is not available so I can hook it up to my flat screen and have to use my laptop (Linux) to share its wifi connection with the desktop via Ethernet. I would like to set up a Touchpad server(allows you to control desktop with Android device) on the desktop because my keyboard and mouse don't reach all the way to the couch. I can't find anything about setting up servers on computers that have a shared internet connection and have a very limited knowledge of networking. How can I accomplish this task? 

You should just be able to set it up as normal, although you may be behind a double NAT situation with the Linux machine sharing the internet connection, so that may break things. Check the range of IP addresses the router is set to hand out, and check the Windows 7 machine's IP. If the Windows 7 box has an IP that isnt in the range that the router hands out, you are likely behind a double NAT with the Linux machine acting like a router, in which case it will be simplest just to add a PCIe wireless N card to your Windows 7 machine. ($30 on Amazon) 

Yeah, I just picked up a cheap TP Link Wifi Adapter. It was only like $10. I have to re-plug it every time I restart my computer, and it has pretty sporadic Linux performance, but seems to perform decently on Windows 7. 

Ok. Well I will say that if you can its better to go with PCIe, if you use USB (especially older USB busses) then the speed of your wifi will be limited by the speed of the usb. PCIe is much faster. 

Just a thought, glad it worked out for you

It's not really an issue. I have plenty of USB drives lying around for file transfers, and I'm stuck on DSL so it's definitely not causing a bottleneck with internet speeds.