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Running a powerboard off a pass-through ethernet powerline adapter


Hey guys!

My PC setup (tower, monitors etc) are all running off a single 6 port surge protected power-board.

I want to utilise powerline pass-through ethernet adaptors (eying off this one to improve my home-network speeds but I was wondering if anyone had any experience running a full powerboard through one of these?

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Will work fine, just make sure to connect the 2 converters to sockets that are under the same phase, and behind the same fuse if possible for the best throughput.

Also, welcome

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I got a similar device that does 600Mbit/s at best.
Throughout the house are 4 of the things, works good enough while introducing less latency than wireless.

The one I have is rated 2.8kW throughput (230V), I got a whole bunch of things on it, no problems to report in the last 3 (or 4?) years.

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I thought I’d post an update since I’ve got the product all set up!

I’m running a fully loaded 12 port powerboard off the powerline adapter with no hitches! :hugs::hugs::hugs: