Runescape fail

I was bored, I decided to Log-on after 2 years of not playing, and this random child starts talking to me (I'm Flame Man619), THIS IS THE REASON I QUIT RUNESCAPE!


Hahah lol.

Why do they call it Rune Scape?

Cuz when you log in, you'll want to Run and Escape.

That was a terrible joke

i talked to a few friends when i logged on last night, i haven't talked to them in 3 years, since i quit, they are all like lvl 138 lol and im still lvl 101 :-)

No life.

true true, im glad i quit MMOs

When my brother told me he was playing this, I got really sad.

Now he stopped for he's clean.

Three reasons NOT to play or even take a closer look to it.

1. - It is a MMORPG, which means that if you don't enslave yourself and spend dozens of hours 24/7, you'll never get a chance to do anything and will get bullyed/pwned all the time by freaking-powerleveling geeks who love peanut butter and do nothing but play.

2. - The graphics SUCKS big time.... only tibia can be worse than that.

3. - The game's storyline (if still exists) is very poor, what makes it even more ridicule.