Run SSD & HDD Together

I recently went through a computer renovation, and along with a 4770k, I picked up a 240gb Hyper X. I have my usual boring 2TB mechanical drive that I want to use for mass storage, then I have the SSD that I plan on running windows, programs I use 24/7 (chrome, skype, spotify, just to make startup faster), and maybe a few games I'm really into at the moment. What I'm wondering, is if there's anything in particular I need to do to have them run side by side. I still have my steam and every thing on the mechanical drive, so if I just run all of that from that drive will it stay onto that drive? Sorry if this is a very simple question, I am actually really experienced in computer hardware, I've just never really gotten into SSD's. I though what I had was fine, then I realized how wrong I was when windows 7 installed in about 2 minutes. Anywho, back on topic, sorry if this question is basic, I'd just like to ask to be sure before I fill up my SSD in 2 weeks on accident.



If you have an intel board that supports SRT then you are in luck. You can very easily set it up as a caching drive.

Otherwise it is best to start with a clean slate - backup all your steam games, & other material. Install windows on the ssd (making sure that AHCI is enabled in the BIOS), then go about installing everything else again. With a 240gb, that heaps of room to install Steam on that. Just be vigilant in uninstalling games you havent played in a while. & set the default download area for things to the mechanical.

Thanks, that's pretty interesting. I'll do that. I know it's nice to start clean, but honestly it's hard to delete all of my stuff when I've had it so long haha.

This is a pretty good guide on setting up your SSD: - Windows 8/ 8.1 - Windows 7

If steam is on your mechanical drive, it will run fine but you have to make a short cut on your desktop. I been doing that since i got my SSD. You can install your games anyway by simply changing the location of where you install during the installation. Steam will remember it so it is fine to put some on the SSD and the rest on the HDD

Thanks, shadre18d. That was a good guide.