Run my own VPN

Everytime I watch the Tek, there is some story about privacy and it makes me wanna buy a VPN. The problem is I dont have that kind of money. So I've been thinking about running my own VPN on my old machine. Problem is I don't know anything about servers or networks. I also consider renting a VPS and run a VPN there. I have no idea if runnign your own VPN is even someting you can do. So here"s a list of things I would like to now.

What specs do need to run a basic VPN for 1 person, and how does it scale for more people.
Do I need some special type of router with wrt software or i can just run some server on an old machine.
What are some good software for VPNs.
How much bandwith will it use. If the computer connecting to the VPN is on the same network or in
What is the latency.

If i decide to rent a VPS,
What specs i need.
Is there some weird thing that has to be enabled on the VPS for VPns to work.

What are the legal thing I need to know. Like is there some struuf that are illegal to do on a VPN, (I'm not sure the laws are same her in Quebec as in USA)

How can I monitor my VPN.
And finnally now that my VPN is (hopefully) running how do i connect to it.

I would reallly love for wendell to do some videos about stuff like this or some other types of servers that you can run yourself like a mail server.

Sorry if my syntax if not good

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I believe with a VPN you connect to a secure line on a server hopefully not too far from you, and between you and that server your traffic is encrypted, and any traffic you use is done over the server in the other location, so that it isn't traceable back to you directly.

Something like that anyways.

so, not sure how you'd go about setting your traffic to be encrypted over one ip address in the same location.

Alright so this means I cant run a VPN on my homeserver (atleast not for my own use) but what about renting a VPS?

Honestly it would be easier to use a VPN service than configure your own on a VPS, especially if you don't know what you're doing.

I mean you could probably do that, but like I don't know how much all the bandwidth between them and you is going to cost.

so seriously if you want a VPN just get a VPN service.

really most people don't really need a VPN, it's more of a luxury unless you're some kind of celebrity somewhere and people from the internet are going to be seeking out your ip address and the like to mess with you

I run my own vpn, on a cheap vps. Honestly it can be cheaper and offers more options if you buy a vpn from a service provider. If you really want to learn than check out openvpn. They have a gui version as well that has a pay license structure called openvpn as (access server). But as stated above a vpn encrypts the traffic between your computer and the server. So running one in your house is pointless for other traffic in the house but can be useful for accessing your network/encypting your traffic while out.

Edit: I use my vpn all the time to avoid the throttling that my isp does. It's not just for masking ip.

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I signed up for a trial Digital ocean droplet for $5USD a month and put a VPN server on it (ubuntu 14.04 droplet) so I can be in the states if I like. Not really needed it but it worked. I'm in Australia so I thought I might come it handy from time to time.

Not sure how expensive the VPN services are but you can make your own. Still the legal things are out of my hand. Not that I care.


yeah i was going to mention exactly this....
Digital Ocean or another VPS is pretty great. You'll have no competition for bandwidth.

The only real advantage that I see in going with a VPN provider, is you can jump around, to further obscure your identity. However, for just dropping into the underground from your local network, or ISP, Digital Ocean would get the job done.

Another option for a VPN I s strongswan or libreswan they both have working configuration on their websites and there's tutorials for other settings you may need