Run Bf3/Crysis 3?

Could i run Bf3 on High settings 1080p and Crysis 3 on medium settings and 1080p with

AMD FX 8350

GTX 550 ti

8 gb kingston 1600mhz ram

Gigabyte GA-970A-D3 ATX AM3+ Motherboard

OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W Modular

Thanks any replys would be great

Battlefield 3 should be no problem, you can get about 50 fps and above with high settings and keeping your Anti Aliasing down. Crysis 3 might be a bit more challenging, but a mixture of high/mid/low will work at 1080p. 

Thanks im thinking of changing the graphics card soon as well thats just what i have atm


For a little more research, I recommend you check out Nvidias optimizations for some games, here. You can always search youtube for people who are running Crysis on a 550ti. The processor is good and the memory is enough for gaming. Good luck fellow Child of the Fence.

I could just get another 550 ti would what run Crysis on high?



As in, running it in 2 way SLI?


How much would you be paying for those 2 cards? It's possible that you could just get a 600 series card, like a 660 ti, or maybe even a 670. I usually recommend going with a single card because its much more reliable, saves money, power, etc. 

The 550ti is a great card. It should be able to run BF3 on high without a problem if you turn down anti aliasing. As for Crysis 3, Im not so sure... Crysis 3 is a pretty intensive game, probably the most intensive to date.

I already have one and i think i can find a 550ti on special for $150 AUD also 660ti and 670s are really expensive not to even start on how rare they are in Australia.

Or can anyone find a better card for under $200 that posts to Australia

Best i can find in the AU area For under AU$200

Benchmarks -->

Game play -->

Think i might get a 7850 it has better proformence and is only and extra $20

its more expence for the 2gb vershon (a lot more) the 1gb vershon will probably handle around the same as the 650ti boost 2gb 

But i have found this 2gb vershon of the 7850 for AU$220

Some bf3 ULTRA gameplay on the 7850 2gb --> its 25 more for the 2gb


Look up ^^   :D

Go to just type in the game you want to play and it tells you if you can or not.