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Rumors of AMD Polaris 30 coming out in October


That was my point, they need to take the lead and hold it for a couple generations to gain momentum.


Right, the point that’s being made is that having a performance dominant card doesn’t automatically and immediately give them (or anyone, usually) a dominant market share. They need to have the right performance/price for years in a row, because not everyone upgrades every year, and it takes time to build up enough of a reputation and business deals to get people to see a brand as better than the other brand they thought was better and start finding said brand in more easily available products (pre-built systems, for instance).

When AMD has had good cards well priced compared to NVidia offerings, they have usually gained market share, but to get to dominance they have to continually do that, and thus continually gain share, for years. Things don’t happen overnight.


I agree with this. if it works on console it will work on pc.
I don’t know 100% but wasn’t the original death star xbox programmed on direct x hence the name?
So presumably the Xx will use dx12 and as a result any box game should be windows compatible.
I know Microsoft are aiming to unify xbox and pc gamers and they could have done it this year if they had doubled down on red dead 2 as the pc version comes out??? If they had it on their play anywhere we would all be playing it now.


The Tahiti cards were trully the last generation of cards that AMD had,
that were pretty dominant for their time being.
But ever since the R9 series, they really didnt had anything that could compete with the topend Nvidia stuff.
Its sad but true.

still it doesnt really matter much that AMD cannot compete with Nvidia in the highend market.
As long as they still offer a great bang for buck, which they traditionally did aim at.
But since the booming mining buisness, AMD cards also went sky rocket.

But it would be great wenn AMD atleast comes with something new soon in the gpu department.
But i’m not that excited yet, given the prices of gpu’s now days.


Yeah, if 10 years ago, we were told 10 years from now, a high end card will cost you $1,300 and it won’t be able to run games at 4k without sometimes dropping below 60 fps, everyone would be severely disappointed. The costs are getting absurd for minor improvements in performance.


I remember reading reviews and 60% performance improvement was a let down as the jump to the previous generation was 110%.
Those were the times…


The accepted norm seems to be a 30% increase per generation now


Well as of THIS generation, yes, and that’s why 20-series cards aren’t selling well. In previous generations the x80 card was a 30% gain over the previous gen, and the x80ti was another 30% on top of that.


Well, there’s been what seems to be more confirmation on a RX 590, and some info on it’s features, supposedly coming out in mid November now:


If they can get this out at close to current rx580 price it will be a winner i think.

Sure, it’s not a hero card, but its in the budget that most gamers will actually buy.

Being on 12nm, i suspect it will be a lot cooler and quieter.


I’ve been seeing some estimates of around $300 for this, which is a bit high for what I’d like myself for this, but that seems to be a high estimate that is likely to come down.


Well, looks like it’s finally and officially here. RX 590, right now priced at $280 bundled with 3 games:

Various reviews I’ve seen indicate what we’ve seen indicated otherwise: It beats the 580 and 1060 pretty consistently, but the benefit is something like 5-15% depending right now. Overclocking isn’t a difficulty, but it’ll get pretty loud.

So that’s that. Was hoping the price would be a bit better, but maybe in a few weeks they’ll drop the bundle and the price?



A re-re-release and too expensive. Not very inspiring.


Third time is the charm AMD.

And people wonder why Nvidia can charge $1200 for a GPU.


I could see it being worth it if I was planning to buy 2 (maybe even 1) of the bundled games immediately anyway, but I wasn’t planning on getting any of them at all, and they probably won’t work on linux for a while at least.

On the other hand, considering even a bunch of overclocked, beefy version are all at the $280 price, and I still see some 580s and 1060s at that price or higher, this may be a good pick for anyone otherwise planning to spend that much on one of those other cards.

Looks like all but two models are sold out already on Newegg, so someone is buying these up. My guess is they didn’t ship a huge supply, knowing it won’t be a huge seller, but who knows? I’m hoping they’ll just use it to justify a second shipment without the games but at a much lower price. Guess we’ll see.


And people wonder why Nvidia can charge $1200 for a GPU

Was speaking with someone about this earlier (similar subject). I’ll never buy another AMD card because of their overhyped nonsense :man_shrugging:


Watch the RX-x80 go down the toilet.

  • June 2016. RX-480: GTX970 performance, sips power, runs cool, $200

  • April 2017. RX-580: GTX1060 performance, bit more power, runs hotter, $230

  • November 2018. RX-590: GTX1060 performance plus a smidge, uses slightly less power than a friggin’ 1080ti, runs hot as hell, $280

The RX-580 still makes some sense, the RX-590 not so much. You can buy a GTX1060 6GB for $250 on Amazon right now.


To be fair, this card was not hyped at all by AMD. They didn’t even announce it till today, or suggest they had anything coming at this time really. Everything else has just been rumors and leaks, and even those suggested this wasn’t going to be anything huge, just something improved over the 580.


Hi all, RX 590 is on sale, PowerColor, Sapphire and Xfx.