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Rumors of AMD Polaris 30 coming out in October


Also probably runs hot because global foundries.

I’m sure that TSMC’s process with 14nm GloFo vs. 16nm TSMC, TSMC is better.


It’ll likely be similar to the XbOX GPU/Ellesmere XTL, RX 4x0 was a cut-down version of it released for the PC, since the deal with MS was that the full scale version of it was exclusive to their console. So I expect full Navi will likely be exclusive to the PS5 but cut-down versions/chips will be rolled out for the PC market.


On the flip-side, with new lower-level APIs now available for PC, i’d suggest it is far more likely to be pushed harder (thus getting closer to its theoretical performance potential), using the lessons learned from console releases.

The lower level the API, the less difference there is from API to API. Function names might be different, etc. but the core functionality will be similar. This is why vulkan -> metal for example is a relatively trivial shim…


There’s less and less difference between console hardware and PC hardware lately, so I wouldn’t think it’s a big stretch to think GPU tech developed for the next generation could be reused for desktops and laptops. The PS4 is already an x86 device running AMD CPU/GPU combo (as is the Xbox One), and we’ve already seen attempts to “consolize” PCs (Steam Machine, etc).

It won’t likely be the same card in the PS5 as would be released to PCs, but it’ll be the same underlying technology, probably just scaled up and having a few other adjustments (or, scaled down for lower end entries for all we know. Maybe the PS5 will be as ambitious as the ps3 at release).


Hope is the first step in the road to disapointment …

Not going to build up any expectation at all until prior to (possible) launch :smiley:


Welp, more rumors / possible confirmation, but not official?

Looks like the followup to the RX 570 is expected Oct. 12-15, and the RX 580 followup in November. This seems a bit odd, as I thought they usually do the flagship x80 first, so that makes me doubt at least the details a bit, but I guess we’ll see soon enough. No indication as to price point yet, but sounds like core counts should be about the same, just 12nm process now so higher clock likely.


Well that are WCCF tech rumors… :wink:


This thread is about rumors, after all.


Videocardz is speculating on silence…


AMD burned themself pretty bad when they fueled the hype-train.
So give the consumer only the vaguest hints and it is good? Maybe?


Don’t believe there was any significant hype for RX5xx either?

If its just a refresh on 12nm and maybe TSMC instead of GloFo, i don’t see why they’d hype it.


So, it’s now past the Oct. 15 point and no RX 680 or Polaris 30 seen.

There have been some more rumors though indicating this might be something else:

  1. Could be an “RX 590” that has some marks out, and would basically be what is expected it seems:

  2. Could be one of two, or both, variants of the RX 580 that are stripped down in various ways and may be targeting China specifically:

-The second option would be fairly disappointing and problematic to deal with if it ever makes it out of China.

EDIT: Looks like the “RX 580 2048SP 4G” is already on sale in China, so that one appears confirmed for that market at least.


So… it is 400 points slower than a 1070

Depending on cost and power draw, may be a nice R9 series replacement.


The RX 580G and RX 570G is kinda bad when it comes to gimping shaders while still calling it a RX 580. Steve from GN hasn’t responded to this yet cause I guess they’re busy with the 9900K review.


Well, at this point I doubt it’ll be out in October, but it’s looking like a 590 really is coming soon:


Just waiting for the ‘but it doesnt DO raytracing!’


The next line of chips to drop are for the PS5. This has been confirmed multiple places. Its possible that there will also be a 600 series, but I’m sorta doubtful atm. Amd is pushing for high power chips atm so we’ll see more vega stuff come out and possibly all gcn / rx stuff get wiped out of development. They’ve absolutely seen performance improvements with vega.

I’m personally waiting to see a vega 48 or 32 come out. That is a much more likely thing to happen.


Nothing was confirmed, it’s all rumors on every side.

GCN has got to be cheap as balls these days, I don’t see why they would cut down Vega to reach the same performance as a 580 or lower.

They embedded Polaris on the i7-8809G too. AMD labeled it Vega but it doesn’t support DirectX 12.1 so it isn’t Vega, it’s a semi-custom Polaris GCN design with HBM.


There are typically cost benefits from having the same silicon used across the entire range, also really like rapid packed math.

have still yet to see a decent win for amd on tile based rasterisation… most people don’t even know if the feature is switched ON or not.


AMD said Vega had it. It isn’t magical, tile-based draw space binning just results in a performance improvement, and Vega badly needed it due to its poor efficiency compared to Polaris. Nvidia started supporting it a couple generations back, in Maxwell I believe.