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Rumors of AMD Polaris 30 coming out in October


This was briefly mentioned and posted in the lounge, but there’s been some leaks indicating a Polaris 30 (RX 600 family maybe?) will come out sometime in October:
AMD Radeon Polaris 30 GPU Family

That a Polaris 30 exists and will show up soon is also indicated by a driver update in the linux kernel:

There was also some previous indication that another refresh or card should show up sometime in “2H 2018”, so maybe this is finally it. It has been a while since we’ve seen any new cards out of AMD, even refreshes.

Personally, as the prices came down and as my current setup is dying, I’ve been keeping an eye on RX 580 prices, but wondering if I should try to stretch things till next gen comes out. There were some rumors and speculation that next years RX 680 would be as good as Nvidias 1080 or so, but now it’s not clear that AMD is eager to jump that quickly on the gaming market right now, so that may not even happen (or not at a reasonable price).

So, if an RX 680 or whatever they end up calling it comes out in less than a month, that may be worth waiting for, even if it’s just an extra 10-15% boost over the RX 580, as long as the price is still right.

Anyone have any more info on this? Thoughts?


Eh, refreshes are pretty boring. Being as good as a 1080 would be a step in the right direction for that line of cards. But releasing card that would directly compete with their own Vega56 and 64? Seems weird. Maybe they will be cheaper than the Vega cards?

A 10-15% boost is probably likely, if the leak is to be believed.


During the mining craze nearly all Vega chips went to the Frontier edition card, so they could sell it with better profits.
Vega 56/64 is not hugely profitable due to the HMB packaging and relatively large die.

If they could release a Polaris that is close to the vega 56 in performance and sell it at a slightly lower price it would probably increase profits.


It would be good timing though if the bring out refreshes of the 580/570 that are better than the pascal series.

The RTX line too expensive at moment for the average consumer that used to target the 1060 or the 5xx price bracket. Sounds smart to exploit this small void on the market. Even if only for a few months.


I doubt it. Polaris and Navi occupy the same price and performance segment. Why would they refresh Polaris now, and then release Navi in late in 2019?

If they do release a Polaris refresh, then most likely Navi isn’t coming next year, or ever since it is actually a console GPU. We may be waiting for Arcturus, that bridgman inadvertently revealed on Phoronix forums.


:joy: :rofl:

I’m not saying anything about these rumours anymore.


Don’t know why a Polaris refresh would have anything to do with Navi. It will be on a smaller process, probably running slightly faster and cooler (the 580 runs quite hot), and a new SKU. It’ll sell great if they start pricing the 680 around $200.


Might upgrade from my 1060 if this is true. Sold off my 1080 and 480 during the mining madness.


Tell us what you know


It doesn’t make any sense to wait this long, so close to the release of Navi to refresh Polaris. Considering the way GPU releases go, they will already be producing Navi before the store shelves are full of a refreshed Polaris stock.


All I’m hoping for is better Vulkan compute performance.


Same here, AMD does not need to release a gpu that will topple NVIDIA, they just need to make a GPU that will be solid 1440p gaming at 250-350$ price point. A 15-25% boost over the RX 5XX series will be good enough to pull market share.


Sure it does. Polaris is a lower-performance part. Cheap videocards sell.


Navi is a replacement for Polaris. Navi will be the new cheap videocard.


I would suggest not listening to unsubstantiated rumors.

Facts are we don’t know one way or the other, but AMD marketing suggests Navi offers a substantial performance gain over Vega. AMD marketing is notoriously… optimistic, so we’ll see. But it does look like that’s what they’re targeting.



Unsubstantiated rumors is what this thread is. We can’t believe AMD marketing, case in point, the “Poor Volta” in the Vega marketing video. How old is that marketing slide? It doesn’t show 7nm Vega which has already been revealed.

Navi is being made for Sony for the next playstation. Who knows if it even makes it to PC’s.


Who knows indeed?

All we do know is that the fairly weak GPU in the PS4 Pro and the markedly stronger one in the XboneX aren’t capable of real 4k, but they can handle 4k via tricks no problem. So the next step is real 4k. And we know you need, essentially, 2080ti-class performance to do real 4k, no bullshit, everything turned on, 60fps.

Since Nvidia spent a ton of their silicon budget on raytracing, that’s only 30% or so faster than a 1080ti. That’s an achievable performance level at a reasonably sized chip at 7nm. Remember, 2080/2080ti are 12nm finFET.

We know TSMC’s 7nm process is the real deal as the latest iPhones are using it. Seems plausible they’ll have capacity for non-Apple partners by 2019.


Consoles are usually a generation behind. My guess is 1070 to 1080 performance for Navi. 1080 performance may be wishful thinking. Everyone thought Polaris would be 980ti performance and it matched a 970. If Navi is on track for its current roadmap of release for 2H 2019, I don’t see a Polaris refresh. If we do get a Polaris refresh, than Navi is going to be late, or not coming to PC at all, which I think would be worse for us.


I wasn’t really talking about next-gen consoles, but they’re 2020 at least. I don’t see why a console with 2080ti-class rasterizing performance wouldn’t be possible at a $499 pricepoint releasing November 2020, assuming TSMC can get 7nm production ramped up with high yields. And in over 2 years, they’d better!

We really don’t know how Navi will perform, all we have is guesses and that AMD slide saying they’re targeting a good 30-50% faster than Vega. Vega is roughly 1080-class performance, so that would be somewhere between a 2080 and 2080ti in rasterization.

AMD frequently, even usually, misses their performance targets on the GPU side. So, we’ll see.


I just hope they arrive before my 290X kicks the proverbial bucket