Rumor or Leak " Sept 22 2009" DX 11 ( AMD

Go seek the stories on news sites. September could be a vary interesting. 5870 and 5850

My board will do crossfire dump the BFG 9800GTX+ or wait fore the 300 ?

screw the hd 5000 series for now. w8 for nvidia's cards to come out so the ati prices drop from competition. that's going to be in a few months.

Yeah I'm going to wait for prices to drop.


nvidia is getting an assraping

Have they shown their new line of video cards?

ATi have to compare their new cards to nvidia's "old" generation to "pwn" them. lols.

i have no idea...OH WAIT you mean because Nvidea are still walking round with thumbs up their arses and are unable to even come close to ATI's launch date


BFG 285 2GÂ 400 $ maybe :)

nvidia just blows my nuts


@DEFRAG1 whats with being a fucking dickhead on almost every thread sure your aloud to have your comments but FFS atleast stop making a loser of yourself!

P.S. im just going to wait till the 9800GTX drops after the 300 series and but 2 of em then TRI-SLI BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Double post

Don't start a fucking flamewar on my watch.. Do that shit on PM.

agreed. ATIS new cards seem promising but honestly the 300 series will smash them

I have a 9800 GTX+ . They are getting hard to find but Newegg has them. I may buy at least one of them may be two and go TRI - SLI :)