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RTX 2080 keeps causing a monitor to loose signal and freeze up my pc periodically


So I recently upgraded from a GTX 1070 to a RTX 2080.
Ever since swapping my cards, my computer would briefly freeze up and become unresponsive for a short while.

I tried reseating the card, double checking the power to the card and even uninstalling and then reinstalling the drivers twice! Nothing worked, so I RMAed the card with newegg assuming its something with the card.

Finally got a replacement card, plugged it in and it ran fine for few hours. Then all of a sudden 1 of my monitors would loose signal for about 10 seconds and my whole pc would freeze up for about 30 seconds and it would do it periodically.

Again Ive reseated the card, double checked the power connectors and even uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers. I even tried a few older drivers with no luck. I should also mention I have not overclocked the card at all.

I have been monitoring the card while using my pc and the only thing I see the monitor show is power limit was briefly hit right after it freezes but the power limit doesnt spike every time it freezes

Before I last resort RMA the card AGAIN, would anyone happen to have any solutions or ideas as to why it keeps periodically freezing up?

My system is as follows:
3x 1440p 144Hz Acer monitors
1x Samsung 4k Tv
i7 6700k
16GB Gskil ram @2666mhz
Zotac Gaming Amp RTX 2080
850W EVGA 80+ Bronze PSU


Check the connections from the card to the monitor. It is possible that whatever you are using to connect the two is faulty.


its a display port cable, it was never moved around and is still fairly new. It was working fine with the 1070 installed.


I know it has been mentioned on the L1 channel a few times that there are “bad” Display Port cables around. So it could be that but they also said it was surprisingly hard to get good ones so there might be a lotnout there and replacing it may not help while still being the problem.


Well you can rule it out because I switched which monitor used which cable and the same monitor still lost connection when my computer froze up.


Still display port?


It sounds like you have more than one monitor. Have you tried running just with a single monitor? Also have you tried running over hdmi instead of display port just to rule out the cable or port on the card causing an issue?
Also, dumb question but when you reinstalled the drivers, did you do a clean wipe of the old drivers?
Can you install hwmon and take a look at temps and voltages on everything right before the system locks up?

I’m not fully convinced this is an issue with the card, especially since it would be your second rma.