RTW Event Fri. Jan 9th


Game: Zombie Panic: Source

Time: 6:00PM EST



Will be frapsing as always.

Lol ZPS...don't we have L4D for a reason?

Also, inb4 I only play Versus. At least that way 8 of us can play.

bah, l4d needs more stories with MORE than 4 people to play at once..

I hope Valve will do that : ) ( The four survivors too meet upon another four and fight together ^^ )

Gah, why can't we have events late at night. :[. Oh well. Oh dude, Thomas, you're a mod now? Damn. o_o

Yep. I am.

nice, congrats dude.

ZPS is better in the fact that you can have more ppl and you get to barracade doors

You guys need to try out Hidden:Source Its so damn fun, especially with friends.

Im reinstalling the game now, tell me if you want a game : D


Protip: Edit the controls for the Hidden.

The mod community is actually going to come out with more content and Valve has 1 more campaign on the way. There is alot of potential to the game is why there are so many people that want to make mods. It's just difficult to create the atmosphere's as good as valve has. This is pretty much due to lighting, but some brave soul will make an attempt to add to the game. Whether good or bad im'a be the first one on that shit.

Well, Valve is releasing the Left 4 Dead SDK together with the new champaign, we will probably see many new maps.

I don't even have ZPS. =/

Oh well.

if you have a source game you should be able to download it for free.

there are 2 user made campaigns that are in development right now (that i know of)

1) darth brush's Dead Before Dawn

2) Bioh4zard 2