RtW ASC Week 1 Official Topic

Okay after talking with Frank, I got some updates and decided to make an official week one topic.

The Official rules are now:

You can play in [b][u]CASUAL[/u][/b], [b][u]PRO[/u][/b], or [b][u]ELITE[/u][/b], But you must only use [b][u]MONO[/u][/b].

You can only play in [b][u]ONE DIVISION (Mode)[/u][/b] So choose a mode and stick to it, don't have your name on two mode scoreboards or you will be [b][u]DISQUALIFIED[/u][/b]!

If you are using a Pirated version of the game, you can post what your score was here on the song, but there will have to be proof, so please, [b][u]Present a screenshot[/u][/b].

There will be a badge presented to the winner with the Week and what mode they won on.

Song for the first week will be :

[b]Woe of Tyrants - Fable Thy Destination[/b]

Link for the song :


Check back next week for results and the next song, and to pick up your badge, winners!

Gonna train.. hard


Think im gonna do "PRO" mode first...

Havnt played this for ages

Oh and'ehh, im recording with fraps too.

Who's mOptOp?

I guess I should add this; If you're going to play, please post your audiosurf account names if they do not match your RtW Forum names.

Just wondering...what's the prize again? The badgey thing?

I would show you the source but people are gonna be able to fake it. :P I'll just like put a watermark over it or summit. one second.




erm... maybe im missing something and maybe this is a really stupid question, but what game are we playing?


Cmon guys I'm still in first

Get your scores in or I'll beat you like a hobo with a shoe