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RTMP nginx + OBS

FOund this old thread… didnt want to necro…

But I have a couple questions… @wendell

Your video uses Linode cloud vm… was there a GPU ?

I am trying to setup something for an extralife charity stream. They plan to use restream dot io to save upload speeds for the LAN event.

… but I dont know if I need lots of CPU horsepower or if a GPU is needed for the OBS that is combining all the RTMP players into one stream.

Was planning to use a i7-6700 and F30 running OBS and nginx.

Was only thinking 720p and 30fps was going to be possible, but didnt know if it would work well without a GPU for transcoding.

You will have to run some tests. Scaling on the client side so all the server has to do is put the images together is much easier on a cpu-based setup. But you will have to run some tests before the event to be sure. A GPU can help a lot, but not necessary as long as you are okay with the fast preset and you aren’t trying to scale down like 4*4k/60 streams to one 1080p stream. Each client could stream at 720p and you’d never know combined into a 4-up 1080p for example.

60fps will need more cpu than 30 ofc.