RSA Conference Wi-Fi Users Under Attack

SAN FRANCISCO — The RSA Conference is perhaps the world's largest security event, but that doesn't mean that it's necessarily a secure event. Security testing vendor Pwnie Express has been passively scanning the airwaves on the RSA Conference show floor and has found multiple instances of EvilAP attacks.

Of course that's a thing. You wouldn't connect to WiFi at blackhat either would you?

It's a tradition. Anyone who attends such an event turns their electronics off, or better yet, leaves them at home, otherwise they will surely be pwned!!!

My boss and I are planning on attending a conference like one of these in Vegas this year.... we had our job buy us some throw away flip phones for the trip and we won't be packing a laptop or anything.


Smart man!

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Cough cough

'waves left hand over head while laughing'


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