RPCS3: The PS3 emulator, officially has upscaling as a feature

It’s fairly new, so it has some bugs, but the TL;DR: is this:

  • If you have a GPU that supports Vulkan, you will get near identical performance switching from the native PS3 resolution (720p) to 4K+ resolutions. Quoted from the blog post:

All processing is done CPU side, and as far as the GPU is concerned it is simply rendering 2006 era graphics (yes, the PS3 is 11 years old now). We’re happy to report that anyone with a dedicated graphics card that has Vulkan support can expect identical performance at 4k.

  • This comes along with custom Anisotropic Filtering (up to x16) which adds to the graphical fidelity increase quite a bit.
  • Can be upscaled to 10K (why, o god, wai would you do that though?)

For reference, I can maintain almost a constant 30 FPS at 4K on Demon’s Souls with automatic AF using a RyZen 1700 and what amounts to a Fury Nano (Radeon Pro Duo but RPCS3 doesn’t support crossfire).

The GPU is at 100%, but not constantly, and the CPU hits 70% max.

Video showing comparisons:

Demon’s Souls is almost indistinguishable from Dark Souls now.

High resolution rendering is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to improving graphics quality. In the future, we will see custom anti-aliasing, texture scaling algorithms, and maybe even game specific patches by the community.


I wonder if it will handle Burnout 3: Takedown at 4k with the correct textures. Definitely gonna have to try out Gran Turismo as well.

For whatever reason, I could never sort the textures out for Burnout on other emulators. The sky and all reflections on the cars would render as pink. I’ve tried ROM’s and the actual disc. Same results.


wonder if they will be able to use custom CRT shadders just for the lulz…it would be awesome to see how 720p games look with a CRT shadder :smiley:

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May have to play around with this. Just one less piece of physical hardware I need to have hooked up!


I have a request for a game for you to test, if you’re willing to. I remember that Crisis 2 was running like garbage on the PS3 (looked like 25 fps to me) with a lot of motion blur.
Now this post makes me wonder: what if the the console was just not powerful enough but the game was fine? Or it’s the game poorly ported?

If you have some spare time to do this test I’ll appreciate it a lot.

Burnout 3: Takedown was for the PS2, was never released for the PS3. Maybe you’re talking about Burnout Paradise.

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Oh shoot, you’re right.
I still meant Burnout 3: Takedown though. The most time that I spent on the PS2 was playing that game.


When the ps3 came out it could emulate ps2 games,
They removed that feature later on sadly.
So you could emulate ps2 in the ps3 emulator.
(or download the ps2 emulator :stuck_out_tongue: )

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It’s a real shame they did that. I can imagine that not everyone got the memo on that when they got around to buying a PS3. Probably a lot of disappointed people figuring out they can’t play their PS2 games on their new PS3. Double disappointment if they traded their PS2 in.

Isn’t both the kingdom hearts on the PS3? Does it work on this?

Yep. The main problem with the whole PS2 emulator part of the PS3 was that it had pretty much its own dedicated PS2 in the PS3


Yes, and they are both listed as “playable” in the database.

Running them at 4K doesn’t work as well. I believe them being playable requires a custom version of the emulator that is listed in the forums.

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I remember that being part of the reason it was so expensive early on. That, and it had Blu-Ray playback capability. It was technically a pretty good deal at the time if you wanted a Blu-Ray player and a PS3/PS2. But if I recall, the game library wasn’t that great early on in it’s life cycle, and the price didn’t help sales at all.

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I don’t have 4k so that’s great news. Does an xbone controller work alright on this emulator?

I didn’t realize the original had a card reader built-in until years later.

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So, it supports xinput devices. Pretty sure that means “yeah”. I don’t own an XBOne controller to test it though.

It works 100% with a DS4 (mentioning it for others who would be interested). Like, plug in with a USB cable and the emulator just sees and grabs it like a PS3 would.

Yeah, I vaguely remember that.

Now if we could just get Sony to let us dual boot Linux on the PS4. Actually, I think some people have managed to get Linux on PS4, though I doubt they were able to dual boot.

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I was so disappointed when I couldn’t get Linux on the PS3. I went to do it and found I was one update too late.

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