Routing my new custom water loop

I have a Cooler Master Elite 430. I have the following installed.:

MB: GA-970-d3; AMD FX-8150; Corsair Vengeance 1600 (4 x 4gb)

Seagate Barricuda 2T; SanDisk 32gb SSD cache

EVGA 660ti; HT Omega Clara Soundcard; eSata controller card

XFX 850W Pro PSU + DVD Player

I want to install:

XSPC Raystorm CPU block, Swiftech 360mm copper/brass radiator; Swiftech Radbox (mount rad outside case)

Koolance 60mm res with about six-inch tube res

Six swiftecdh compression fittings, two bitspower compression fittings, two barbs and clamps, one bitspower valve

Corsair SP fans or Xigmatek fans (have both), koolance fan cable extension and fan splitter

Koolance expansion slot liquid cooling ports (can use slot to route tubes out using extra fittings)

Danger Den Pump and a liter of Koolance clear Fluid. Primichill tubing

How do I route it? I can punch out the top liquid cooling holde and have the tubes out to the radiator go through tere (at the top back of th e case).

I could also use my bottum slot, punch out the tab and replace with my nifty Koolance port:

I would link to Koolance, but I cannot find the product on their website. (they have a terrible website, it is easier to buy their products on frozenCPU).

I could put this on the top slot over my graphics card, but I think that is a bad idea. The bottum slot would only expose my PSU (cheaper than my graphics card). 

I have a camera and can take pictures or video, but I need to know how to route this thing.

Compression fittings on the pump, barbs everywhere else, pump at the bottom of the case, reservoir directly above it, if possible, if not, just make sure in the loop order, it is still directly above the pump. Aside from tht, whatever the hell you want; loop order is not important except for res above pump so the pump doesn't run dry.

Not order so much as location. I am concenred about where to route the tubing out of the case to the radiator. The easiest would be aove my graphics card, but AI woulfd prefer not to do so,

I really want to speak with someone who is currently using a Swiftech rad box.

In all honesty, whatever uses the least amount of tubing is the best route.