Router / modem question

I'm from Ireland and unfortunately every ISP here has bridge mode disabled on the router's they supply.

I'm currently on Fiber broadband which is provided by a coaxial cable. I am switching my ISP to one which will provide internet by VDSL2.

My reasoning for this is:

1) The poor service we've been given (won't go into that here)

2) So I can use a better router (hopefully)

My question is, when I switch to the new ISP, can I buy a modem off Amazon (which supports bridge mode), plug my own router into that and for once have reliable internet access?


Will the router I'm purchasing separately (Asus N66U) work plugged straight into the VDSL connection?

I have the N66U, good choice btw, awesome router. So the router doesn't have it's own dsl modem built in, however any modem supporting VDSL2 should work unless the ISP has a specific policy against that. There may be an associated username and password that you have to get from such ISP. 

However, with my own ISP, on sort of a proprietary fiber connection unfortunately. I simply put my N66U into a DMZ by the ISPs router. Have you tried that?