Router keeps crashing on PPPOE connection

Hello everybody!

I live in a dorm room and bought a cheap router on sale (TP-Link TL-WR845N. At home I had a really bad wireless router and I never had problems with it, so I though it’s a go.

After I set it up with the username and password everything went ok for a few hours until it showed a orange earth ( no internet connection ), the wireless router crashed, I couldn’t even enter the settings. A reboot usually help it go back online after 2-3 minutes, but it works for a few hours sometimes, and for just 20 minutes sometimes.

I changed the IP of the router, disabled ipv6 ( thought it might be the problem ), updated the firmware, but nothing works. The connection from the dorm has no probles, as when I plug the cable from the wall, the internet works flawlessly.

What can I do? I want to try all I can before deciding to buy a new one.

Thanks in advance!

You can open a bug report with the manufacturer, but just replacing it will be faster.

Well, yeah, these options are obvious. I thought that there might be other solutions. :grinning:

If it is consistently crashing when PPPOE is running, but not crashing when it is not, that’s definitely a firmware bug that needs to be addressed by the manufacturer.

Are you plugging an Ethernet cable from the wall into the Router or are your going through a Modem and then into the wall?

A little more detail on the setup would be nice.

If my assumption is correct, then what are you seeing in the logs of the router. Log into the router and look at system logs or ssh into the router from a terminal or command prompt. Then run dmesg.

If you cannot do the above, then it is time to start looking at custom firmware.