Router for my son who will have 40/10 Mbps unlimited .... What to buy? (Resolved)

I have never heard of this company for the product above. Anyone have an opinion on the product that has used it or one of their other products?

These brands below I have heard of …

Stuff from Amazon Canada …

Now if it was me buying I would just buy the cheapest and roll with it and if it fails just replace it right away with another as the one is getting fixed under warranty.

I actually have a pretty horrible router … D-Link DIR- 601 … but for the trouble it has given me at times (rare) it has done the job I needed it to do for some time now .

With my son he won’t be going to faster internet than I mentioned for a very long time unless offerings are suddenly better but not expected anytime soon for the same cost.

Anyway what do you think about the routers I listed?

Btw in regards to usage it will be just to watch videos, stream, surf and play NHL games on Xbox Live.

TP-link should be okay.

but what ever you do avoid belkin like the plague.


40/10 Mbps or MBps?

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40/10 Mbps … added that to the title for the thread now.

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Netgear N300 WNR2000

I have two of these (forgot where I had the first one, so bought another cuz they’re cheap). I have one that is 4 years old, the other is 8, so at least in my case they seem to last.

Those are way more expensive in Canada right now but thanks for the information.

I’m going to advocate for none of the above. 2.4ghz is saturated badly. Something with dual band would be better. If you must stick with those picks then the tp link is the one I would buy myself.


I second the Adubs recommendation. The tplink is the best option of the ones listed.


Honestly, I’d go with the Tplink N450 after looking it over