Rotary analog phone on digital service?

Here's an odd question that's way out of left field.

My wife and I bought the house she grew up in from her mother a few years back.  While up in the attic, we came across a box of odds and ends that were stored and probably forgotten years ago.  Among the items, an old school rotary landline phone circa the late 60's or early 70's.  I've had it on a shelf for display since, but now I want to do the unthinkable and actually use it.  

I want to rock this thing on my desk so effin' bad.  Problem is, analog phone service is not available where I live (if it's even available anywhere anymore, which I honestly don't know.)

My understanding is that I *could* use an ATA adaptor in conjunction with VoIP service *if* it were a touch tone phone.  Being rotary and doing the whole clicky-clicky thing though, that's not exactly an option.

So my question is if anybody out there knows of a way I can hack this thing to work with current digital home phone services, or can point me to a decent information site that would point me in the right direction.  

Thanks in advance!


Mabey that

Thank you!  That's probably exactly what I need.