What do you guys think of rosewill and their cases?

With the PC i built, I decked out everything, but didnt have enough cash for a high end case. So I bought this piece of shit. I hate the case. Its very nice from the outside but its shit on the inside. I purchased the "Rosewill Destroyer"


Installing the parts was a nightmare. THe wholes on the case are meant for and supposed to be compatable with my parts, but each whole seemed to be 1 milimeter off size.

The screw holes were all sideways/ovals. Looked like they hired a drunk or blind dude to drill them.

The fans are shit. I had to replace them all because it sounded like an air conditioner.


Looks nice and sleek, easy to install new hard drives/disk drives

Great air flow, never seems to get hot when under a huge load.

cheap. cash wise and material wise.

Nice LEDs. But i replaced them with nicer ones.

If it works then it works. If you're happy with it then keep it, but if you're not then get a different case when you have the money.